How To Beat Doom Hunter In Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal Doom Hunter

In the fast-paced and adventure-filled world of Doom Eternal, you will have various daunting enemies to face. One of those is the Doom Hunter. The Hunter is a pretty intimidating boss to defeat due to its defense maintained by two shields and a sled, which need to be broken to cause actual damage to the Hunter itself. Don’t get hopeless though, as our Doom Eternal guide will provide you with all the help you need to bring down the Doom Hunter.

How To Beat Doom Hunter In Doom Eternal

If you wish to win a battle, it’s wise to go in knowing all you can about your enemy. So the important details about the Doom Hunter are as follows:

  • It is a Super Heavy Demon.
  • Specializes in the lock-on missiles and long-distance combat.
  • It has a hovering sled that can rapidly shoot missiles.
  • It can also shoot melee out of one hand and plasma from the other.

The first thing you have to focus on to mow down the Hunter is destroying its shield, and then the sled he is riding on so that he is vulnerable to your attacks. To keep out of the reach of the lock on rockets you can use precisely timed jumps and dashes.

Doom Eternal Doom Hunter

The Hunter’s shield is formed as a blue aura enveloping its body. Using your Plasma rifle you can take it down with constant fire. When it turns red it will be the indication that it is coming down for a few seconds. Take advantage of the while it takes to reboot and inflict as much damage as you can on the Boss.

Another thing to hinder you in this mission would be the other robots and minions that will keep targeting you the whole time. Use your chainsaw to rip them apart and gain ammo and health consequences. You can seize the ammo and replenish your health in the precious initial moments of the Hunter’s shield going down.

Use the same strategy of raining fire down on the sled to destroy it too, but wait till the shield reboots. Once both the shield and sled are blasted away, the Hunter will be reduced to only a flying demon without missiles and just the ability to melee. Seize this opportunity and damage it till it is finished.

However, this is only the first part of the battle. When you have defeated this Doom Hunter, dive into the portal you find on the ground and it will let you out into an icy battleground where there will be two more of these dreaded Bosses. The strategy will remain the same as it did for the single Hunter. Just remember to target your fire on one of the Hunters before going on to the second one. If played right you will defeat both in no time and be on your way!

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