Doom Eternal Doom Hunter Base Collectibles Locations – Toys, Cheat Code, Runes, Sentinel Crystal

Doom Eternal Doom Hunter Base Collectibles Locations

Our Doom Eternal Doom Hunter Base Collectible Locations guide will help you with the locations of all of the collectibles on this level like toys, modbots, and more.

Doom Hunter Base Collectibles Locations

Doom Hunter level has a ton of hidden collectibles for players to find. Our Doom Hunter Base Collectibles Locations will help you find all of them. The following are the collectibles that you’ll find on this level.

  • 2 Toys
  • 1 Modbot
  • 3 Codex Pages
  • 1 Cheat Code
  • 1 Rune
  • 2 Sentinel Batteries
  • 1 Sentinel Crystal
  • 1 Album
  • 4 Preator Suit Tokens
  • 3 Extra Lives

Modbot #1

Get off the train and go to the end of the next room. The modbot will be right in front of you.

Extra Life #1

After picking up the modbot #1, turn around and the extra life is one the platform going up and down.

Praetor Suit Token #1

Again, from the modbot, turn around and jump to the other side of the room. Now you need to double-jump, dash, hanging bars, and then dash to get to the wall. Double dash to the hologram and grab the Praetor Suit Token #1.

Sentinel Battery #1

After picking up the Praetor Suit Token #1, head to the next room and complete your first enemy encounter on this level. Break the vent in the center and follow the path to the battery.

Codex #1

The “Doom Hunter Base” codex is right in your path just before the green teleporter.

Toy #1

When you get to the room with moving platforms and lava pool, jump on the platform at the end of the room. When it goes up, jump and then dash to get to the secret location and grab the “Lost Soul” toy.

Codex #2, Rune #1

After collecting the Toy #1, enter the next room and the “Deag Ranak” codex is to the right. The Rune is just ahead of you.

Album #1

After using the switch to empty the coffin in a cylinder, you’ll climb another cylinder in the next room. Climb up and grab on to the cylinder in the next room. Turn around to jump to another wall to the right then back to the first cylinder you climbed. From here, climb around to an opening on the cylinder to pick up the “Keen – Shadows don’t scare Commander Keen” album.

Cheat Code #1, Praetor Suit Token #2

From the first cylinder from where you emptied the coffin, there is a climbable wall before the gap. Climb to the top and pick up the “Silver Bullet Mode” cheat code. Drop down the hole on the same cylinder and pick up the Praetor Suit Token.

Sentinel Crystal #1, Extra Life #2

When you get outside, navigate the coffin walls to get to the central platform. As you land on the platform, there is another all ahead that you can climb and then jump to another platform. The crystal is at the back of the platform. The extra life is located at the same floor.

Sentinel Battery #2

Turn around from the Sentinel Crystal #1 and climb the all in front of you. The battery is in the room to the right.

Praetor Suit Token #3

After passing through the red key door, climb up a ramp and then go through the laser barrier and into the side room. The Token is in the container on the ceiling.

Extra Life #3

Get to the inside of a red burning generator after jumping on a hanging bar and then punching through a green wall. The extra life is behind the generator.

Praetor Suit Token #4

During your main mission, you’ll come across a large hexagonal structure with red electricity around it. Go around it killing demons and find the token.

Codex #3

The “Doom Hunter” codex is directly in your main path.

Toy #2

Directly above Codex #3 is a switch on the ceiling. Shoot it and a trap door will open leading to the “Hell Knight” toy.

That is all for our Doom Eternal Doom Hunter Base Collectibles Locations guide with tips on the locations of toys, sentinel batteries, codex and more. For more on the game also see our Sentinel Battery Locations Guide.

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