DOOM Eternal Difficulty Modes Explained

Doom Eternal difficulty modes

DOOM Eternal comes with 4 different difficulty modes and each allows the player to modify their experience. In our DOOM Eternal Difficulty modes guide, we will explain all 4 of them, and figure out what mode is best for you.

DOOM Eternal Difficulty Modes

Hardcore players need no introduction to Doom’s difficulty levels but if you are a newcomer, you may want to know what’s the best starting difficulty? Choosing the right one will get you off the right foot in id Software’s new first-person shooter.

I’m Too Young to Die (Easy Mode) – This is the easiest mode in the game and won’t present much of a challenge if you are familiar with shooter mechanics or aren’t Dean Takahashi. You will get the occasional tough boss fight and can survive low HP more often. Enemies will attack less and deal less damage in this Doom Eternal difficulty mode. Moreover, items such as health packs and armor are more potent compared to other difficulty modes.

Hurt Me Plenty (Normal Mode) – If you have slight experience with FPS games and like the game to keep you on your toes occasionally, this difficulty mode is for you. You will have fun exploring for items, you will need to invest in your weapons and skills for smoother progression in the game. Enemies will do more damage and attack often. You will die more often and experience more low health states.

Ultra-Violence (Hard Mode) – To succeed in this difficulty mode you need to good reflexes and experience playing shooter games. You should have a knack for exploration and should be quick to understand level layouts. Enemies will perform powerful attacks and deal quite a lot of damage. Dying will be common as well as low health states.

Nightmare (Very Hard Mode) – This mode is for expert FPS players who enjoy being challenged. You will need super-fast reflexes, would have to explore, upgrade weapons, and be smart about the gameplay approach. Enemies attack from all directions and do plenty of damage. There is less room to breath and you should be quick to master the combat. It helps if you have played DOOM 2016.

This marks the end of our DOOM Eternal Difficulty modes guide. Check out the DOOM Eternal Wiki for more information.

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