To veteran players of the Doom franchise, it comes as no surprise that its much-awaited latest version “Doom Eternal” also carries on its reputation of being an action-packed adventure with the intensity cranked to max level. In comparison to the previous game though, Doom Eternal is much more fast-paced due to particular emphasis upon mobility and players’ demand for more rapid shooting reflexes. Keeping that in mind, it is pretty understandable for a player to find the Demon Horde a bit overwhelming, considering that the further the game goes the chaos level increases even higher. To make your gameplay stress free and to prepare you to meet the upcoming Doom Eternal, releasing on the 20th of March, Friday, our Doom Eternal guide will be filling you in on a few tips to kick the demon’s behinds with savage efficiency.

Doom Eternal Tips and Tricks

Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

The Chainsawing

In Doom Eternal, the chainsaw works slightly different in comparison to Doom 2016. It is the basic tool when you need to gain the ammunition required for mowing down the enemies. It needs to be revved more times than you had to in the previous game, as recharging will happen automatically and with speed, which is useful to bring down the soldier and basic imps. For killing enemies of a larger size though, such as revenants and cacodemons, you will need to search the game world for fuel to get bigger chainsaw action. For most players of Doom 2016, the preferred chainsaw strategy would be to save it up to target bigger opponents. You will need to break this habit for Eternal and just get ready to tear down all enemies you face with your chainsaw at every opportunity. This weapon will also help you get plenty of ammo as the minor demons will be dropping all sorts of bullets and shells when killed.


Both the ice grenades and frag exist upon their cooldowns in Doom Eternal, so do not hesitate to use both simultaneously to detonate carnage and throw freeze blasts. This can be extremely useful at times where you want to freeze a group of demons along with blowing them apart with frag. Also, make sure that you have some of your grenades to blow apart the cacodemons. Simply jam a grenade inside their mouth and then destroy them with a shot. Once you have gone through a few upgrades, your speed of firing the grenades would increase and you will also receive bonuses that will enable you to turn zombies into a thin scarlet paste or the imps into ice cubes.


Another new addition to Doom Eternal is a whole variety of movement options so be sure to take full benefit from them. Movement is the most essential element of survival in this game, as being “slow and steady” would make it pretty difficult to handle the huge number of enemies that assault you, or when dodging rockets and firing energy blasts. nThe Doom Slayer, although being a hardcore killer, is certainly not invincible, so your best protection against the rocket blasts and fireballs flying everywhere is your ability to move fluidly. When you spot a monkey bar make use of it, dash as often as it is possible, and its recommended to put to use the meat hook attached to your super shotgun to pull yourself from the heat of battle and target an enemy that is alone.

Ammo and Barrels

Take advantage of the explosive barrels you find in the game to obtain extra ammo like rockets and shells. These barrels are not only good to damage foes that come too near them but if the correct upgrades are used, they also become a way to resupply. If a combination of Generating Barrels, Environment and Thicker Skin upgrades are used, then not only do you get the red barrels to drop ammunition but also to respawn. As you will be already immune to the barrels’ blasts due to the upgrades, you can shoot and punch them to the moon till you’re happy with your supply of bullets.

Linking Upgrades

As you go further into the game, you will come across Sentinel Crystals which are used to upgrade your basic stats such as armor, health and ammunition levels. You can use the standard option of the tree on the top left corner to get precisely what you want, but you can also slot them in the special perks below the tree, which will require investing to unlock two basic stat upgrades.

A must-have perk is the Loot Magnet, which allows you to get all the cool items and weapon drops, along with every available armor piece. It is pretty necessary to have full protection when wandering through the demon-infested world of Eternal. The Quick Draw Belch and Belch Armor Boost are also great options, as they will enhance the shots you fire from your shoulder cannons.

Optimize your Runes

Although the preference of Runes differs from player to player, as it is dependent on their gaming style, we will be recommending a few here which should come in handy for all players.

Seek and Destroy

This enables you to go for a Glory kill from long distance, which not only allows you to regain health, but also provides you with some invincibility when you require to get out of a sticky situation.

Puch and Reave

This rune gets you the opportunity to throw a much safer Blood Punch, as each time you swing a right hook you will receive a considerable amount of health back.

Dazed and Confused

This might not seem very useful initially as it only serves to increase the stagger state of the enemies. However, when the battle gets more frenzied, you will find this ruin pretty useful to take down your slowed opponents.

Chrono Strike

Now, this is a very fun and essential Rune as it will help you slow down time while you are using the weapon mods mid-air. You can use this to comprehend the situation that you are going to land in, or simply to target a slow-motion headshot upon an enemy below you.

Prison Yard Practice

You will be able to visit the Doom Fortress Prison once in the story, but you can return to it anytime you wish, for different purposes such as warming up your shooting skill, trying out a new weapon build, or to practice things like weapon switching and movement without any consequences.

Praetor Perks

All Praetor Perks are not created equally, so some of them will serve you much better early on in the game, specifically when it is difficult to acquire praetor points. The Frag Stock up and Thicker Skin Perks will enable immunity from barrel explosions and filling up of your ammunition stock. Getting hold of the Item Finder perk early on in the game will also be very useful as it makes finding upgrades and collectibles much easier.

But keep your eye on the map for it to work efficiently. It will also help you obtain more tokens and Sentinel Batteries, which in turn unlocks further items and secrets back at your fortress.

If you need more help with the game check out our DOOM Eternal Wiki.

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