How to Unlock BFG 9000 in DOOM Eternal

How to Unlock BFG 9000 in DOOM Eternal, Doom Eternal Fortress of Doom Collectibles

Keeping in with the tradition, DOOM Eternal also has the BFG 9000. It’s a special weapon in DOOM Eternal that you should consider using against strong bosses and if you ever get swarmed. In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about how to unlock the BFG 9000 in DOOM.

DOOM Eternal BFG 9000

In DOOM Eternal, you don’t need to go out of your way to unlock the legendary laser rifle. You’ll automatically unlock BFG 9000 as you progress through the story – once you’re about halfway through the campaign.

In your quest to find the last Hell Priest, you’ll be asked to travel to Mars and blow a hole in the planet’s core. To do so, humans will use the BFG 9000 in a cannon.

Once you’re done with it, you’ll be able to extract the BFG 9000 out of the cannon. After it’s unlocked, you’ll be able to switch to it from the weapon wheel and use it to your heart’s content.

However, as mentioned earlier, the BFG 9000 in the game is a special weapon and you won’t be able to use it infinitely unless you use one of the cheat codes.

This is how you can unlock the BFG 9000 in DOOM Eternal. You can also check our complete coverage of DOOM Eternal by heading to our wiki.

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