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DOOM Eternal Arc Complex Collectibles Locations Guide

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Our DOOM Eternal collectibles locations guide will help you find all the Toys, Sentinel Crystal Upgrades, Codex Entries, and Albums in the Arc Complex mission of the game. We’ve written separate guides on Sentinel Batteries, Runes, and Cheat Codes in our separate guides. Check the embedded links for more info. on these collectibles.

DOOM Eternal Arc Complex Collectibles

The following are all the collectibles that you can find in the Arc Complex mission of the game. Before we begin, do note that it’s always a good idea to unlock the upgrade which lets you see all the available collectibles on the map.

Toy #1 – Mancubus
You’ll see an enemy smash through a glass door with the collectible in the room, behind a pillar.

Toy #2 – Cueball
You’ll find the Automap Station in plain sight after heading up the stairs. From the Automap Station, you need to double bounce and reach the opposite end of the room. You’ll find the collectible on the right side of the area that looks like a balcony.

Codex Entry #1 – The Arc – Part I
After you jump down in front of the VARGO Convention Center, jump over the debris on the left side to break through a broken wall and head up the stairs to find the first Codex Entry.

Sentinel Crystal Upgrade
After getting the Codex Entry #1, you need to jump into the gap in the wall and find the Sentinel Crystal Upgrade inside.

Album #1 – Quake II – Quad Machine
After heading down the elevator, you’ll reach an area with electric fields. In the area, you need to head inside a small control room to hit a switch. Once done, head over to the end of the hallway and jump down to find the collectible in a corner.

Codex Entry #2 – The Return of Dr. Samuel Hayden – Part 2
You’ll find this Codex Entry at the end of the hallway from where you dropped down to get the previous collectible.

Album #2 – Quake III – Intro.
After you get to the garage area, head inside a non-operational elevator to find the collectible.

These are all the collectibles that you can find in the Arc Complex mission of DOOM Eternal. Feel free to check our complete coverage of the game by heading to our DOOM Eternal wiki.


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