The “MW2 DMZ The Haunting Event” is a special Halloween-themed event in Call of Duty’s Modern Warfare 2, which introduces the concept of Soul Capture, a unique gameplay element where players can earn and collect souls to redeem various rewards. Here’s a comprehensive guide covering all aspects of the Soul Capture rewards in the MW2 DMZ The Haunting Event:


“The Haunting” is a limited-time event that significantly alters the gaming environment in MW2 and Warzone, introducing a darker, more spooky atmosphere, special game modes, unique boss fights, and Halloween-themed horrors. The event’s standout feature is the Soul Capture, where players collect Souls from fallen opponents and redeem them for various in-game items.

Soul Capture Mechanism

During the event, any eliminated player leaves behind a Soul, which can be collected by other players. These Souls are automatically added to the player’s total across all game modes, eliminating the need to visit a Buy Station in Warzone or DMZ. Players can then trade these Souls for items listed in the Events Tab. The number of Souls earned can be increased by facing off against various monsters lurking across Warzone’s maps.

List of Soul Capture Rewards

Players can spend their collected Souls on a variety of rewards. Here are the rewards along with the number of Souls required for each:

  • Gone Batty (Weapon Sticker) – 15 Souls
  • Join Me (Loading Screen) – 15 Souls
  • Skullfied (Calling Card) – 30 Souls
  • Double Weapon XP Token (1 Hour) – 30 Souls
  • Double Weapon XP Token (30 Minutes) – 30 Souls
  • Bad Luck? (Weapon Charm) – 30 Souls
  • Bit Corny (Weapon Charm) – 60 Souls
  • Carved Up (Weapon Sticker) – 60 Souls
  • Creature Copter (Vehicle Skin) – 90 Souls
  • Tier Skip – 90 Souls
  • Alien Death Ray (Handgun Blueprint) – 150 Souls
  • Violent End (SMG Blueprint) – 150 Souls

Additional rewards are set to unlock on October 24, enhancing the list of items players can obtain from soul-catching. After unlocking 10 items, players reach mastery level one and receive a new operator skin for Roze. Unlocking 15 items leads to mastery level two, rewarding players with another operator skin, this time for König.

Tips for Collecting Souls

Souls can be found in MW2 multiplayer or Warzone, including DMZ. They appear when killing enemy players or by looting containers. Unlike previous events, Souls don’t need to be banked and are added to the player’s collection upon finishing the match. Special boss fights in Warzone also drop Souls, making them worthwhile targets. However, there’s a limit to how many Souls can be earned per match, so players need to strategize to maximize their Soul collection.