Division 2 Warlords Of New York adds new content to the game. Basically you are taking down the new final boss Arron Keener. In order to encounter him, you must take out the 4 warlords that have taken control of New York. This is our review of Division 2 Warlords Of New York.


Division 2 Warlords Of New York Review

If you have played the previous game then you know who Keener is and it is nice to have him back in The Division 2 so that you can finish things off once and for all. In order to reach him, you must first take out his “four horsemen” the warlords of New York. If you have played games like Far Cry 5 or Ghost Recon then you will be familiar with these mechanics.

Division 2 Warlords Of New York is part of the end-game content and the level cap has been increased from 30 to 40. The new Gear 2.0 rehaul also makes things a lot better. The different stats, weapons, gear and talents are much easier to understand. The UI actually helps you to figure out which gear piece or weapon is going to enhance your build. This helps you figure out which items you are going to keep and which ones you are going to discard right away.

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The UI makes inventory management a lot simpler and this is one of the best additions to Division 2 Warlords Of New York. You do not even have to own the expansion to take advantage of gear 2.0 or the new UI.

New York Looks Great

The expansion takes you to New York which is beautiful to look at without the snow. While most of the buildings are generic in the open world, the district areas have their own themes and you can see the amount of effort that the developer has put into each section of the game. In the day, you can appreciate how beautiful New York is even if you have played the previous game. There is plenty of loot that you can find on the street. There are mini-puzzles for you to solve in order to access rooms that contain loot.

Warlords Of New York

As mentioned before, there are 4 warlords that you need to deal with in order to take on the final boss. Each warlord has an area of the map which is half the size of the standard game map. In order to get to each boss, there are a couple of objectives that you need to complete.

The actual boss fights are fun and challenging. These are by far some of the best boss fights that I have seen in the game. Each boss is different and the boss fight compliments the character. After you take down the boss you get special skills that compliment the nature of the boss. For example, you get the decoy skill after you have beaten Theo Parnell.

Gear 2.0

All talents are removed from high end and superior items excluding chest pieces, backpacks and weapons. You will instead get rerolls of new talents that are introduced in The Division 2 as part of gear 2.0.

Exotics will have revised talents and the same is the case for named armor pieces. The good news is that named armor pieces will have better rolls than before. Gear sets will now have backpack and chest piece talents as well. These are designed to enhance the four-piece set bonus.

Division 2 Warlords Of New York Review

Brand sets have been updated to have set bonuses that go with different playstyles. A major part of gear 2.0 in The Division 2 is the introduction of Core Attributes. These are similar to those of the first game. All gear will roll with one of three core attributes, outside the regular ones that include weapon damage, armor or skill tier. Skill tier has now replaced skill power.

While all these changes are great, the UI is something that I for one liked the most. You see bars that tell you whether you should use a certain weapon or item. It tells you how it is going to improve your stats and whether or not keeping it is worth it. The UI will also tell you whether a roll is a god roll or how close it is to being the perfect roll for that weapon or gear piece. God roll items will have an orange icon on them so that you can spot them easily.

Expansion Of The End-Game

Division 2 Warlords Of New York is an expansion of the end-game. While this is still a looter shooter and the basic dynamics of the game are still the same, you have the new level cap, new boss fights and new weapons to get.

Once you have completed the main story, you will unlock a new progression system called SHD Level. With each level that you earn, you will be able to boost different stats such as weapon damage. This is an interesting alternate character progression system. You also have new challenges such as the legendary and higher difficulty settings for some missions.

A Major Step In The Right Direction

Ubisoft has made plenty of changes to the game with this update. Even if you do not buy the new expansion you can still take advantage of gear 2.0 and all the small changes that the developer has made to the game. In essence, Ubisoft has not reinvented the game but it is much better than it was before. The developer was able to make the game run on all cylinders and simplify the different mechanics without breaking it and that is a lot to ask for. The release of Division 2 Warlords Of New York is the perfect time to get into the action if you have not played the game or get back in if you are already an agent.