Ultimate Division 2 Shield Build Guide: 1 Million+ Armor

Division 2 Shield Build

Division 2 has some pretty good mods and if you combine such armor with certain mods you’ll get insane near game-breaking results. In this Division 2 guide, we are going to go over a shield build that has absurd health and 1 million+ armor.

Here we’re going to discuss how you can get over a million armor as well as getting your ballistic shield to tank insane amounts of damage. Making it completely overpowered.

Division 2 Shield Build

First off, you’re going to need the talent called “Perfect Vanguard”. This makes it so that whenever you deploy your shield will make it invulnerable for 5 seconds and grants 50 of your armor as bonus armor to all other allies for 20 seconds.

Now this reflects on how much armor you actually have. If you’re sitting at over 1 million armor and can get other teammates to use a similar type build who also has over a million armor preferably more, the numbers will stack and you will gain over 7 million armor for the time the talent lasts. You can also alternate between you and your teammates to continuously have this effect.

Now you also would want to equip mods that compliment this type of strategy. Mods that will allow you to gain higher armor stats as well as even regeneration of it. The more mods that you have on your gear that allow higher armor stats the more advantage you can take with this build.

Division 2 Shield Build

Your preferred skills in this build for the very first slot should be the ballistic shield. Ballistic shield with the blue defense at around tier 5, giving you

  • +50% Active Regeneration
  • +200.0% Shield Health
  • +25.0% Holstered Regeneration
  • +50% Deflector Damage

The health bonus is itself pretty much insane at this point. The shield itself will have over 6 Million health and the deflector damage will help in reducing enemies even the heavies to dust. All in all, this is going to make you a walking tank… Literally.

That is all for our Division 2 Ultimate Shield Build guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can get the Bighorn Exotic Assault Rifle. For more guides, you can check out our Division 2 guides hub.

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