Global Event: Reanimated is now live in The Division 2. You can think of Reanimated GE as a limited-time Zombies Mode. Throughout the event, killed enemies will return to life unless you killed them with a headshot. In this guide, we will help you learn everything you need to know about how Global Event: Reanimated works in The Division 2.


The Division 2 Global Event: Reanimated

The first thing that you need to know is that the Reanimated GE can be toggled on/off from the Season 1 page. When activated, all the enemies in the open-world and missions will return to life after being killed. However, if you kill them with headshots, they will not reanimate at all! Killing them with headshots will also cause them to create a mist of corrosive aura around them before they disappear into nothingness.

During the course of the GE: Reanimated, you will also be able to complete daily challenges for different rewards. We will continue to update the guide in the coming days to add new challenges.

Completing these daily challenges will help you earn stars that you should be able to use to rank up and earn rewards from the GE.


Day 1 Challenges

The following are all the challenges that you can complete during the first day:

  • Kill 200 reanimated enemies.
  • Kill 10 enemies with consecutive headshots.
  • Damage 50 reanimated enemies with corrosive damage.
  • Kill 50 reanimated enemies before they get up.
  • Kill 20 non-reanimated enemies with melee damage.
  • Complete any Main Mission on Hard or higher difficulty setting.

Day 2 Challenges

  • Eliminate 200 non re-animated hostiles with headshots.
  • Burn 100 re-animated hostiles.
  • Eliminate 50 hostiles with weak point kills.
  • Eliminate 50 re-animated Hyenas.
  • Eliminate 20 Outcast hostiles with corrosive headshot damage.
  • Take a photo of 5 re-animated hostiles.

Day 3 Challenges

  • Complete any Main Mission and eliminate 20 non-re-animated hostiles with headshots.
  • Eliminate 25 re-animated hostiles with grenades.
  • Eliminate 25 re-animated hostiles with at least one directive set.
  • Complete any Main Mission on Challenging Difficulty or above.
  • Headshot 25 hostiles with a Specialization Weapon.
  • Eliminate 10 re-animated hostiles with a melee attack.

Day 4 Challenges

To be updated.

The Division 2 Global Event: Reanimated Rewards

There are a total of 10 rewards that you can earn by participating in the Global Event: Reanimated and completing daily challenges. These rewards include Backpack Trophy, patch, caches, and more. Here is a quick overview of these rewards:

  1. Headhunter Arm Patch
  2. Gear Crafting Cache
  3. Weapon Crafting Cache
  4. Seasonal Cache
  5. Brand Crafting Cache
  6. Named Item Cache
  7. Seasonal Cache
  8. Recalibration Cache
  9. Exotic Cache
  10. Skullbreaker Backpack Trophy

This is all we have got in our The Division 2 GE: Reanimated guide. For more help on the game, you can check out our Division 2 wiki guides.



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