Division 2 Warlords of New York James Dragov Boss Guide

Division 2 James Dragov

James Dragov is one of the four warlords of New York that you need to take out before you can get to Keener. In this guide, we will take you through all the details you need for completing the mission “Neutralize James Dragov” in the Division 2 Warlords of New York, with as little hassle as possible.

Locating and Defeating James Dragov In The Division 2

Your beginning objective of the mission is to assault the stronghold of James Dragov in the Division 2.  To give you a bit of background on Dragov, he is a Rogue Agent who controls the Financial District in Lower Manhattan in this expansion of Division. Your job is to bring Dragov to justice, which is a step taking you closer to the ultimate goal of defeating Aaron Keener.

To start this mission you will merely be killing off some lower-level bad guys. As you continue on, you will be facing more high-level foes. Some of the bad guys will even be with shields.

Remember that patience is the key while dealing higher level foes. If you take the strategy of targeting them with your whole firepower, the rest of the low-level bad guys will, in turn, keep dealing damage to you. So it is better if you first kill all the lower level enemies before moving on to the higher ones.

Locating the Stockpile of Dragov

Once all your foes are dealt with, the second objective will begin which is to “Locate Dragov’s Stockpile”.

You will find an entrance upon the left side of the bus, pass through it and cross the fence. Then enter the door you find on your right. You will be in a room now where you will be facing a few enemies again.

These foes can attack from both above and the ground floor, however, it should not be that tough to handle them as there won’t be many. Simply take cover and shoot down all the bad guys. Then go upstairs and force the elevator door open. Get up the elevator on your left, and again force the door open which is right in front.

Securing the Stockpile

Upon reaching this floor, the objective to “Secure the Stockpile” will initiate. Again you will find enemies in the room you enter. Some might not be immediately visible as they are on the other end of the room, especially for players who are gaming on a lower resolution.

Just use a sniper rifle against them. You can even rush them but the sniper is a much wiser and danger free strategy. Now reach the part of the room which is illuminated with an orange light, then walk through the door you will find on your left.

Reaching the Street Level

Now this one is quite a straight forward objective. Just reach the ground level while killing all the bad guys you find on your way.

Exiting the Building

To find your way out, just cross the fence on the left side of the graffiti which says “Our Town Our Rules”. You can interact with the computer there which will open the gates and you can leave the building.

Reaching the Financial Exchange Building

The difficulty level of the game increases considerably from here onwards.

First, you will come across a machine gun which is attached to an ATV, firing ceaselessly. Get a turret set up beside you which will help you deal with the lower level enemies. Take cover and wait till the machine stops shooting.  Only shoot at the ATV when the machine gun stops.

Some of the enemies will begin to lob grenades at you so do be careful. Once most of them are out of your way, run ahead and take cover behind the pillars of a building on the right side, in between the machine gun’s pause. Fire at the ATV’s side from that position.

Now you will need to run through the hole in the wall in front of you, then peek inside the left door and defeat all the enemies there. From there, pass through the doorway and fire at the ATV from the back to completely destroy it.

Loot all the items you find in the area and then running ahead, pass through the bus gate. Kill every single foe you find here for the completion of your mission.

Securing Dragov’s Den

You will need to go inside the “Arena and Gym” building now. Go through the glass door and prepare to fight more bad guys.

Something different about these enemies is that they are slightly more technical. They will target you with all the kinds of flashbangs and grenades. You can climb up the elevated platform on the right side of the entrance in order to have some cover.

Once all of the enemies you face close to the entrance are down, you can move to the left end of the room and defeat the enemies there. Ascend the stair to reach the second floor. Also, kill the enemies that are there to complete your objective.

Reaching the Financial Exchange Building Again 

Now leave the building through the backstage and defeat all the hostiles there. Reach the orange-colored checkpoint and fire at the balcony which is above you. This will make it drop down, which will allow you to jump inside the window of the Financial Exchange Building on the left side.

Reaching and Securing the Trading Floors

Once you jump through this window, first turn left, then right and enter the casino. Jump to the ground and pass through the exit. Go out of the left side gate and defeat all the enemies until there is no power. Here your objective will be complete.

Defeating Agent James Dragov

When the power returns, the mission’s final objective will begin.

You will need to eliminate every enemy on the floor you have entered. James Dragov himself will be coming at you with a shield in the Division 2. He will be flanked by two other enemies that also have shields.

Dragov will be extremely challenging to defeat. Here the Grenades will be your best strategy.  He will come at you with his partners as a group so your grenades will enable you to hit them all. Use the stunning grenades to make them pause their attacks, then gun them down.

As the room will be pretty dark, use the brightness of your monitor to clearly see the enemies who are at a distance. There is not a very big number of enemies there apart from James Dragov, which makes this mission a lot less frustrating in comparison to some others.

But Dragov does have the added advantage of a more than sufficient health supply, so you require to move around the room while shooting at him from afar. When you hear the prompt “Minigun power restored” get hold of the Minigun from inside the box marked with an X. You will come upon it in the Guns and Ammo Spot.

Use the minigun to tear down Dragov’s shield and now you can easily take him down. And there you go! Your mission is finally complete. As a reward, you will receive the skill, Explosive Sticky Bomb.

That is all for our Division 2 James Dragov boss guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can beat Vivian Conley. For more guides, check out our Division 2 guides hub.

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