If you are planning to complete your world domination in Evil Genius 2, you need to know some of the basics of this game, especially, the process of distracting agents. If you don’t pay attention to this mechanic, you will start to attract unwanted attention from the law. Law enforcement authorities will start to send agents to investigate your activities. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to distract agents in Evil Genius 2.


By distracting agents you can stop them from gaining any intel regarding your operations. This is a key gameplay mechanic so pay attention to how it’s done.

Evil Genius 2: How to Distract Agents

There are three primary ways to distract agents in Evil Genius 2:

  1. Cover Operations
  2. Henchmen
  3. Alerts

Cover Operations

To distract agents in Evil Genius 2 you must set up cover operations, hire a henchman, or set-up alerts. Early on in each campaign, you will have to build cover operations. There is a tutorial for this that helps you set-up a cover casino and bar. However, as you progress in the game you will need much more convincing and extensive cover operations.

A great method is to attract tourists but you need to sell your old furniture and use the money to get new items. Set up as many distractions as you can to drain enemy agent’s resolve and push them out of your area. An agent’s resolve will drain when they are distracted by various attractions so make sure to keep them occupied for as long as it takes. But that’s only possible once you have successfully identified the agents. Keep them attracted between the front door and the hidden entrance of your lair.


Henchmen are usually placed inside your lair to keep agents and other enemies out of it. However, if you hire someone good, they are can actually stop the agents from even getting inside your lair. One of the best henchmen for this purpose is Eli Barracuda. This person comes with the Silver Tongue ability which allows them to better agents.


You can actually get alerted when an agent arrives in your facility. At the bottom of the screen, near the UI interface for World Map and build mode, you can see informational messages every so often. Once in a while, this section will alert you of an agent’s presence. If you see an alert, go to the entrance and identify the agent, and select the distract label to make them a target for Valet staff.

And that’s all you need to know on how to distract agents and drain their resolve in Evil Genius. Need more help? See how to get intel.