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Disney Dreamlight Valley Your Eternal Reward Quest Guide


“Your Eternal Reward” is a quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This quest is available from the character Jafar and is part of the Eternity Isle Story Quest series. It is accessible only to players who have purchased the expansion pack “A Rift in Time.” The quest begins automatically after completing “The Tower” and Gaston’s quest. It involves a requirement of using 10,000 Mist to clear the passageway to the Borderlands area of the Glittering Dunes on Eternity Isle​​.

Overview of “Your Eternal Reward” Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In the quest “Your Eternal Reward,” players are given the objective of locating two missing Jewels of Time, which are essential to reaching the palace on Eternity Isle. This quest is pivotal as it revolves around the Hourglass, a key item influencing the game’s storyline. Here is a concise breakdown of the quest objectives:

  1. Initiating the Quest:
    • The quest is handed out by Jafar on Eternity Isle.
    • Players must have completed the previous quests, including “The Tower” and a quest from Gaston.
  2. Exploration and Investigation:
    • Jafar directs players to begin their search in two areas: the Glittering Dunes and the Wild Tangle, suggesting that new villagers found in these areas might provide assistance.
  3. Assistance from Characters:
    • Rapunzel plays a role in helping the player, whereas Gaston offers little to no help.
    • The combined effort leads to the successful finding of both Jewels of Time, which brings the Hourglass closer to its full capabilities.

Your Eternal Reward Quest Walkthrough

The main task Jafar assigns you is to find the two missing Jewels of Time. These jewels are vital for reaching the palace, and Jafar suggests starting your search in the Glittering Dunes and the Wild Tangle.

Along the way, you will receive help from Rapunzel and minimal assistance from Gaston. Successfully locating both Jewels of Time empowers your Hourglass, bringing it closer to its full potential​​.

You must unlock the Borderlands in the Glittering Dunes to reach Jafar’s palace. This can be done by searching for Mist with your Royal Hourglass or by accessing the Dreamlight menu and investigating new Mist Duties. Once you have unlocked the Borderlands, your next step is to interact with the Time Anomaly in front of the door to Jafar’s Palace.

Note: For this quest you need some help from Rapunzel but she won’t help until you can find 3 Vine Seeds for her. Visit our Vine Seed locations guide for details.

After resolving the Time Anomaly around Jafar’s Palace, you’ll learn about Jafar’s true motivations and his pursuit of an ancient treasure known as the Spark of Imagination, which gives him the power to manipulate space and time.

After confronting Jafar, who then vanishes, you will need to talk to Merlin to prepare for future challenges and Jafar’s potential return​​.

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