Recipes are a very important mechanic of Disney Dramlight Valley, so much so that it would not be a stretch to say that making different recipes is the main mechanic of the game. For these recipes, you need different ingredients. Some of these are more easily obtained than others. One item that is particularly harder to acquire in Disney Dreamlight Valley is the Ice Slush.

Ice Slush can be used for two main purposes: you can use them to refill your energy or you can use them to make more intricate recipes. To obtain this item you will have to spend some of your Star Coins. This article will serve as your complete guide to obtaining the Ice Slush item in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

You can obtain Ice Slushes from Remmy’s Pantry and this item is one that is not available in any other stall/shop. You can gain access to Remmy’s Pantry by completing a few tasks.

These tasks are performed in the Unknown Flavour Quest. This is a quest that is given to you by Remmy. This is the final quest that you get assigned upon reaching level 10 friendship with Remmy.

You will have to make your way to the Dream Castle and gain access to the Ratatouille Realm. Once you have done this, you have to select the option labeled “A Restaurant with a Great Little Chef”. Here you can make a conversation with Remmy and make dishes for him. These dishes can be made with items found in the Ratatouille Realm.

You need to ask Remmy to come to the Valley after that. You will also have to make him a house and fix his restaurant. This house requires some furniture that can be bought with  2000 Star Coins.

After this is done, Remmy will open his restaurant, after which you can easily buy the Slush Ice item from his Pantry.

These cost 150 Star Coins and they will refill 255 Energy once you consume them. If you want to craft this item yourself, you will need to have the following items:

  • 15x Snowballs
  • 1x Purified Night Shard Powder

You need to have access to the Forest Of Valor to get the Snowballs. After this, you will have to spend 10000 Dreamlight points to access the Frosted Heights area. Remember to bring a shovel to collect the Snowballs! You can also buy Snowballs from Kristoff’s Stall. These only cost 25 Star Coins.

To obtain the Purified Night Shard Powder, you will have to hand over 4 Night Shard Pieces to Remmy. You can find these littered around Dreamlight Valley once you dig up the sparkling mounds that are on the ground.

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