To bring all the characters back to the Valley in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you must complete the various Friendship Quests each character has to offer. Bringing these characters to The Valley will allow you to unlock more quests and rewards. For Maui, you must complete the Peacemaker quest that requires you to make Seafood Salad in to cheer him up. This is necessary for you to make him come back to the Valley with you. This article will be your complete guide on how to make Seafood Salad in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Making the Seafood Salad in Disney Dreamlight Vally does not require a lot because it is only a Two Star Recipe. This means it requires only two ingredients; lettuce and any variety of seafood provided it is a Shellfish.

This means that you can only use Shrimp, Lobster, Clam, or Scallops to make the Seafood Salad. You also must remember that Maui requires three Seafood Salads, meaning that you will have to acquire three Lettuces and three Shelfishes.

After you collect all these ingredients, the only thing left to do is to find a Stove to turn these ingredients into a delicious Seafood Salad. After you have acquired the Seafood Salad, you can sell them to Goofy for 335 Star Coins, give them to Maui, or eat them to restore 570 Energy.

Getting these ingredients is easier said than done. Below is how to acquire all the ingredients required for the Seafood Salad. Here is how you can acquire the ingredients for the Seafood Salad:

You can easily get some of the ingredients for the Seafood Salad by buying them from Goofy in the Peaceful Meadow area. You can either get Lettuce seeds to grow them on your farm for 3 Star Coins, or you can shell out 12 Star Coins to buy the lettuce itself.

For the shellfish, you will have to go to the Dazzle Beach area, provided that you want to use clams or scallops. You can make your way over to the shoreline to find the various types of shellfish.

If you try to get these shellfish through fishing, remember that you only have a small chance of getting a shellfish out of the huge variety of fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This is why we would not recommend fishing to get the shellfish required for the Seafood Salad.

That is all for your guide to making a Seafood Salad in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Stay tuned for more Disney Dreamlight Valley guides and walkthroughs!

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