In Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Little Green Men quest, players are tasked with finding 25 alien toys scattered around the Village as Buzz Lightyear. Similar to Woody’s quest, players must locate these toys without any hints as to where they may be hiding.

However, unlike the previous quest, only 8 or 9 toys will appear each day, making this task even more challenging. But fear not, with this guide, you’ll have all the tips and tricks you need to complete the Collect ‘Em All: Little Green Men mission successfully. So, let’s get started and help Buzz Lightyear find those little green men.

Before you Begin: Make sure you play Woody’s Wanted: Aliens Friendship quest to unlock the Little Green Men in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Collect ‘Em All: Little Green Men

How to Start Little Green Men Quest

The Little Green Men quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley requires players to find Alien Toys scattered around the Village. To start the quest, speak to Buzz Lightyear, who will inform you that the toys are hidden in every biome and need to be thoroughly searched for, except inside buildings.

Unlike in Woody’s quest, the Alien Toys in this mission will be easy to spot, lying around in open areas and not buried in the ground or stuck in ice. To collect an Alien Toy, approach it, and the option to collect it will appear. These toys take 24-36 hours to respawn in new locations, so if they cannot be found the next day, wait a little longer. These toys will be similar to the Disney Dreamlight Valley Wild Spring Eggs.

How To Find The Alien Toys

Finding Alien Toys in the Little Green Men quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be challenging since their locations are randomized, and there is no exact location guide. However, the Alien Toys are easy to spot and are not buried in the ground or stuck in ice. Players have found a solution to make it easier by using spectator mode, which is also known as Furniture Mode. In this mode, players can zoom in and out over the entire map, and the Alien Toys are still visible.

By scanning the Biomes, players can note the location of each toy they see. However, time skipping is not recommended, as it can disrupt the natural spawning rates for quest items.

Once all 25 Alien Toys are collected, report back to Buzz, who will reward players with the Space Ranger Supply Kit containing Disney Dreamlight Valley crafting materials like Iron Ingot, Clay, and Hardwood; materials you can use to craft a variety of tools.

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