One of the essential things to do while playing the Disney Dreamlight Valley is farming. Farming isn’t only for the sake of producing food; it also improves friendship levels. This guide will tell you everything about farming in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Without Royal Tools in the Disney Dreamlight Valley, you won’t be able to do farming. Below I’ve mentioned the tools you need to get:

  • Shovel
  • Watering Can

Also, you need to do other things:

  • Seeds
  • Ground (Area for farming)

The tools I mention will become available after you complete some basic missions. Without them, you won’t be able to progress in the game.

Step-by-Step Farming

To start farming, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • To start farming, follow the below-mentioned steps:
  • Selecting the land on which you will farm.
  • Remove any objects in the area, then dig a hole with a shovel.
  • Long Pressed seed placement button to plant the seeds.
  • Using a watering can to water the crops.
  • Wait until the plants are fully grown.
  • Go to the collection tab to see how many crops have grown and how much is left.
  • Harvest the crops.

How to Get Seeds for Farming

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, Goofy is often your problem solver. He has stalled in almost every biome, so you may buy seeds from anywhere. However, one thing to remember is that each Goofy stall sells different seeds. I’ve listed the locations and seeds available on them, so you don’t have to waste time driving directly to the stall where you want to buy the seeds.

Peaceful Meadow Seeds

1Wheat Seeds1 Coin
2Lettuce Seeds3 Coins
3Carrot Seeds10 Coins

Forgotten Lands Stall

1Potato Seeds55 Coins
2Leek Seeds120 Coins
3Pumpkin Seeds275 Coins

Dazzle Beach Seeds

1Sugarcane Seeds5 Coins
2Tomato Seeds 8 Coins
3Corn Seeds 15 Coins

Frosted Heights Seeds

1Cucumber Seeds60 Coins
2Eggplant Seeds 95 Coins
3Asparagus Seeds 150 Coins

Sunlit Plateau Seeds

1Soy Seeds0 Coins
2Chili Pepper Seeds20 Coins
3Zucchini Seeds30 Coins
4Cotton Seeds42 Coins

Sunlit Plateau Seeds

1Rice Seeds35 Coins
2Spinach Seeds45 Coins
3Okra Seeds135 Coins

Sunlit Plateau Seeds

1Bell Pepper Seeds 12 Coins
2Canola Seeds25 Coins
3Onion Seeds50 Coins

How Much Time Does It Take Crops To Grow

NoCrops NameRequired TimeAmount Per HarvestSell Price  Energy
1Lettuce3 Minutes18  56
2Wheat1 Minute22  19
3Tomato25 Minutes322  21
4Corn12 Minutes216  30
5Cotton25 Minutes137  0
6Okra120 Minutes3114  31
7Onion75 Minutes1170  146
8Potato35 Minutes1126  113
9Rice50 Minutes261  59
10Soya90 Minutes369  58
11Spinach60 Minutes341  60
12Sugarcane7 Minutes119  46
13Zucchini40 Minutes252  48
14Leek120 Minutes1309  228
15Eggplant180 Minutes1308  451
16Carrot15 Minutes144  57
17Bell Pepper15 Minutes133  79
18Asparagus165 Minutes3133  42
19Chili Pepper45 Minutes178  39
20Pumpkin240 Minutes1664  187
21Canola35 Minutes1109  59
22Cucumber75 Minutes1159  145

How You Can Unlock Wall-E’s Garden

Wall-E lives in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and you can only access his garden by becoming friends with him. The only way to do this is by completing quests related to Wall-E. Upon completing all the quests, Wall-E will request your help repairing a broken wooden platform he uses to grow plants. To repair it, you will need the following:

  • 3x Soil
  • 2x Pink White falling Penstemon
  • 15x Softwood

The next thing you are required to do is craft 3x Burlap Bags which will require the following: 

  • 10x Soil
  • 20x Fiber

The following seeds are needed:

  • 5x Sugarcane Seeds
  • 5x Wheat Seeds

After collecting all the seeds, you’ll need to go to Wall-E’s Garden and give them over so that you will finish the repair work, and Wall-E’s garden will be available.

How To Boost Friendship Level

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a game focused on helping friends create stronger bonds with one another. That’s why you invite a friend- not only will it help improve your friendship, but you’ll also get some additional rewards for doing so.

To invite a friend, follow the steps below:

  • Group up with the character
  • Give your worker the task of digging or harvesting. Both roles are essential in farming.

Of course, you may invite any NCP character, but inviting a buddy will improve your friendship level. However, you can be friends with any NPC character in Disney Dreamlight Valley. All you need is to go to the prompt and select the “Let’s Hang Out!” option.

How TO Earn Star Coins Quickly With Farming

The speed at which you earn Star Coins is dependent on several factors, as listed below:

  • Growing Time
  • Seed Buying Price
  • Seed Selling Price
  • The yield of the Seed

After considering all of the variables I’ve discussed, here are the crops that will allow you to earn star coins quickly:

NoCrops NamePer Minute Coins Rate

Where To Find Fruit Trees and Berry Bushes Seeds

Although you will buy crop seeds from the Goofy Stall, things are different with fruit trees and berry bushes. Therefore, you need to find them yourself. Below are the locations of some fruit trees and berry bushes:

NoLocationTree Name
1PlazaApple TreeRaspberry Bush
2Peaceful MeadowTree NameBanana TreeBlueberry Bush
3Dazzle BeachBanana TreeRaspberry Bush
4Glade of TrustCocoa TreeLemon Tree
5Forest of ValorBlueberry BushLemon Tree
6Sunlit PlateauCherry TreeCocoa TreeVanilla
7Frosted HeightsCherry TreeGooseberry Bush
8Forgotten LandsApple TreeGooseberry Bush

How To Identify Bonus Crops

With a regular crop, one seed will give you one crop. However, with Bonus Crop, you can sow the same seed will give you multiple crops–but only for a limited time!

The Bonus Crop is identified by an intense orange and brilliant golden light issuing from the center of the plant. The light intensity, you can know how much time is left until the Bonus Crop deadline.

How to Discover New Crops in Disney Dreamlight Valley

After you unlock the new areas in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will have access to 3 new crops per region. To buy seeds for these newly unlocked crops, go to Goofy Stall. However, Scrooge McDuck will give you one crop at the beginning of each region. You may upgrade the stall with Scrooge McDuck’s sign on it. The upgrade costs money but then unlocks the ability to buy up to 3 new seeds per region from Goofy Stall.

Goofy’s Stall (Peaceful Meadows)

NoCrop NameNo. of required upgrades from  Scrooge McDuck’s

Goofy’s Stall (Dazzle Beach)

NoCrops NameNo. of required upgrades from  Scrooge McDuck’s

Goofy’s Stall (Forest of Valor)

NoCrops NameNo. of required upgrades from  Scrooge McDuck’s
2Bell Pepper1

Goofy’s Stall (Glade of Trust)

NoCrops NameNo. of required upgrades from  Scrooge McDuck’s

Goofy’s Stall (Sunlit Plateau)

NoCrops NameNo. of required upgrades from  Scrooge McDuck’s

Goofy’s Stall (Frosted Heights)

NoCrops NameNo. of required upgrades from  Scrooge McDuck’s

Goofy’s Stall (Forgotten Lands)

NoCrops NameNo. of required upgrades from  Scrooge McDuck’s

That’s everything you need to know about farming in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Here are some more guides you may find helpful:

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