There are a ton of mysteries to solve in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but when Halloween comes around, it’s all taken up a notch, with mysterious objects appearing all around the game. Everything was on its usual track when suddenly Candy Buckets started appearing in Disney Dreamlight Valley out of nowhere, littering the entire area and making it difficult not to take note of them. Many players have been scratching their heads trying to figure out why and how these Candy Buckets are here. This Disney Dreamlight Valley guide will help players with what to do with the Candy Buckets.


How To Use The Candy Buckets

When Candy Buckets in Disney Dreamlight Valley started appearing one morning, it was no less than a nuisance and a mystery for the players to deal with. Candy Buckets are actually quite useful. Believe it or not, the mundane-looking Candy Buckets in Disney Dreamlight Valley can actually be used for finishing the Halloween quests.

Talking about the Halloween quests, you can actually complete five of them as part of the Disney Dreamlight Valley event. There are various tasks that must be performed to finish these quests, like stockpiling Pumpkins and eating candy. And when it comes to getting Candy of various colors, the Candy Buckets come into the equation. You can interact with the Candy Buckets to get colorful candies according to the color of the bucket you’re interacting with.

The main and the most important use of the Candy you got from all the Candy Buckets is utilizing them to complete the 3-Course Halloween Meal quest. To finish this quest and gain the reward, Disney Dreamlight Valley players will need to eat all three types of colored candies.

That is all for our Disney Dreamlight Valley guide with tips on what to do with the Candy Buckets. For more on the game, also see How To Get Swamp Water and How To Get Worms.