Perceived Memories are items in Digimon Survive that you can find throughout the game. They are just extra bits of story that you can unlock by finding them and scanning areas with the camera on your phone, which often leads to additional battles or items. They’re not missable, but it’s worth scanning each area as you reach it in case something new pops up. In this guide, I’ll tell you where you should find the Perceived Memories in Digimon Survive:

Digimon Survive Perceived Memories Locations

In total, there are three types of Perceived Memories:

 Spirited Away Locations

Chapter No LocationTask
1Shrine Area Forest Collect and Find Trees with Distortion.
2Spider Lily Forest Find the Distortion Tree which will be on your right side.
3City Area WoodsAt the beginning of Part 6, travel to North Island to the City area woods. Use a camera to find the tree at the main city entrance.
4Moral Path Return to Spider Lily Forest to get the collectible.
5Final BattleBefore participating in the final battle, take your phone to find  Spirited Away.

All in the Seasoning Location:

Chapter No LocationTask
1Inner Shrine Gateway ForestTake the camera to see All in the Seasoning.
2Central Plaza, Amusement Park. Pull the camera to look at the fence’s right side.
3Ruined ApartmentIn part 6, search the area with your camera.
4 & 5Wrathful Path endingWait for Wrathful Path to end.

The Tale of the Mural Locations

Chapter No LocationTask
1ShrineLook at the lower right side of the Shrine.
2Central Plaza, Amusement Park Point Floorboards with your camera on the right.
3SewersWhile making your way to Sewers, you will see the Tale of the Mural.
4 & 5Harmonious Wait for the Harmonious Path to end.

That is the complete list of Perceived Memories Locations. For more on Digimon Survive, see All Invitation Answers, and How to Digivolve.

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