As we get closer to PS5 and Xbox Series X more and more reports are coming out regarding specs, and games. How many of them are true remains to be seen but when someone like “OsirusBlack” says something, some attention must be paid. For those who don’t know, OsirusBlack is an active member of Gaf and Resetera and is responsible for a number of accurate leaks in the past.

Of course, he hasn’t always been 100% right about his information but his track record is good enough to have flocks of people rallying behind his word. He has now come to reveal some interesting “facts” about PS5 and Xbox Series X specs via multiple posts on social media, we are compiling the most relevant quotes down below. He didn’t go into hardware details but says that the difference between the two machines is “negligible.” Although one console is slightly more powerful than the other, both consoles can run games at native 4K/60FPS with room to spare.

The lighting technology used for PS5 and Xbox Series X games would alone crush current-gen consoles. Take the following information with a grain of salt.

Game graphics engine designer working on both consoles. The differences between these machines are negligible. Yes one edges out the other slightly but so what, our game looks and runs phenomenally.

He went on to say that everyone is missing the big picture, both machines are unbelievably more powerful than PS4 and Xbox One.

Everyone is missing the big picture. We’re running at native 4k and locked 60 with room to spare on both kits.We are able to implement systems and gameplay devices that would crush current consoles, our Lighting alone current gen drops the game to under 20fps at very low resolutions

PS5 and Xbox Series X specs are kept under wraps for the time being. In fact, Sony hasn’t even finalized a price point yet. Both Microsoft and Sony are keeping major details very close to the chest and rightfully so. We don’t know if the Coronavirus outbreak could cause a delay, revealing major information right now to your competitor isn’t the best idea.

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