Dicey Dungeons is a fun game but after a few rounds, you might be interested in figuring out what is going on. In this Dicey Dungeons strategy guide, we are going to tell you about a few tricks and tips that will help you win.

Last updated on September 1st, 2020 at 04:09 am

Be advised, these tips and tricks will include spoilers so if you are interested in jumping into the game blind then you should leave now while you have the chance.

Dicey Dungeons Strategy, Tips And Tricks


If you are almost to the next level then you should keep sparring.

Perfect Rounds

Sometimes the opponent is going to be outmatched. in these cases, you can win without a scratch on you.


If you can heal more than the damage that the enemies deal then you should patch up from time to time.

Average Roll

The average roll is 3.5 so reroll that 3.

Elemental Equipment

Elemental equipment with Freeze/shock rock can be used to it is safe to go with fire.

The Thief

When it comes to the thief, most of the upgrades are not worth it but Dagger+ is a safe bet. If you can pull off the crowbar then you could use that instead.

The Robot

The robot is like a mage. Its power increases over time. The mechanical arm can be used to do some serious damage once you are at the final stages. Squandering your limit break is a mistake that players will make with this character.  You will roll the ability with 1/6 probability and carry forward your stake.


In the early game, infliction can do some serious damage. Swap when you have spells to switch. If you have a spell with two dice then you might want to use it to save the price. Reroll spells and dice tweaks should be used with this character.


For Bear, use Bear Maul and Bear Smash.

Those are all the tips and tricks that we have for you in this Dicey Dungeons strategy guide for now.