Diablo 4 Beta lets you unlock a variety of different rewards, provided that you reach the required Character Level on any of your classes. ARPGs such as Diablo, Path of Exile, Last Epoch, etc. have a huge emphasis on leveling and you should try to reach a high enough level as quickly as possible in order to do the endgame content. And while there is no need to absolutely steamroll your way through leveling, it is something that a few players prefer. This guide will detail some tips and tricks that will help you level up fast in Diablo 4.

Leveling Tips for Diablo 4

Leveling in Diablo 4 is fairly straightforward. There are, however, some tips that you can employ in your strategy to expedite the process:

Doing Bounties
The easiest way of leveling up your character is to do a bunch of Bounties. You need to complete as many Bounties as you possibly can to reach the maximum cap faster. However, do note that it can get boring really quickly.

Needless to say but completing the campaign also grants a good chunk of XP. If you want to be at a decent enough level by the time you hit the endgame, you should definitely try to complete the maximum number of main questlines in the game.

Resetting Dungeons
Dungeons in Diablo 4 are a great way of earning heaps of XP. These activities are fairly short and reward a good chunk of XP upon completion alongside a bunch of desirable rewards. And while it is perfectly fine to attempt these alone, completing these in a party will increase the amount of XP you receive.

Another important thing that you should also know is the ability to Reset Dungeons as it can come in very handy.

While we are on the subject of completing Dungeons, you should also consider completing Elder Rifts on a regular basis. These also grant a lot of XP so it is never a bad idea to hop onto one whenever you see it nearby.

Play on a Higher Difficulty
Lastly, you should try to play on the ‘Veteran’ difficulty setting. This will increase the amount of XP you earn from any activity by +20 percent which is absolutely massive. This alone, however, is not good enough. You need to pair it with a good build with which you are able to clear mobs as efficiently as possible.

If followed, these tips should help you level up rather quickly in Diablo 4, even after the beta is over.

Level Cap in Beta

The maximum level you can reach during the Diablo 4 Beta is 25. This is what you need to reach if you want to get every cosmetic Beta Reward. As of now, it is unclear whether this will be increased in the Open Beta or not but we would not hold our breath for it. After reaching Level 25, you will be able to do a lot of different things i.e., defeating world bosses, replaying dungeons, trying other classes, or just farming your desired items.

These tips should help you level up fast in Diablo 4. Also, please note that the info. shared in this guide is based on the Diablo 4 Beta. It goes without saying but everything is subject to change. We will make sure to update the guide to reflect any changes. In the meanwhile, if you have any other questions, be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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