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Diablo 4: How To Augment The Seneschal Companion


The Seneschal Companion in Diablo 4 Season 3 is more than just a robotic ally; it’s a customizable element that significantly impacts your gameplay experience. As a companion, the Seneschal’s abilities and power can be extensively modified to complement your character’s build, making it a versatile tool in your arsenal. By using Seneschal stones you can customize your companion in Diablo 4 to your liking.

How To Augment Seneschal Companion

The core of augmenting your Seneschal lies in the use of two types of stones: Governing Stones and Tuning Stones.

Governing Stones

  • Function: Governing Stones are pivotal in determining the functionality of the Seneschal’s abilities. Each stone reshapes how an ability operates.
  • Availability: Players can equip two Governing Stones at a time.
  • Variety: There are a total of 12 Governing Stones available for collection, each offering unique enhancements.
  • Impact of Leveling Up: Increasing the level of a Governing Stone boosts the potency and ability of the attack it governs.

Tuning Stones

  • Function: Tuning Stones refine the lesser stats of an ability altered by a Governing Stone.
  • Configuration: Each Governing Stone can be augmented with up to three Tuning Stones.
  • Availability: A total of 27 Tuning Stones are available, with two special ones obtainable exclusively from Uber Malphas kills. These Uber Tuning Stones, like the Evernight Tuning Stone, are particularly potent, mirroring powers of unique items in the game.
  • Crafting and Farming: Tuning Stones can be acquired by completing Vaults or crafted from Shattered Stones at the Jeweler.
  • Enhancing: Duplicate Tuning Stones are crucial for leveling up the equipped ones. Fusing duplicates grants experience to your equipped Stones, enhancing their capabilities. Leveling up Tuning Stones can lead to additional projectiles or modified damage types.

To augment the Seneschal, players need to navigate the character screen. Here, you will find a seasonal screen with eight slots for Magic Stones. This includes two slots for Governing Stones and six for Tuning Stones. These slots are gradually unlocked as you progress through the Seasonal Journey and defeat bosses in The Vault dungeons.

The augmentation process is not just about enhancing your Seneschal’s power; it’s also about experimentation. With multiple Governing and Tuning Stones to choose from, players can try different combinations to find the most effective setup for their playstyle. This strategic experimentation is a core part of Diablo 4’s gameplay in Season 3.

Your Seneschal scales with your character’s power, ensuring that it remains a relevant and effective ally throughout the season. This companion will accompany you in all your adventures within the Sanctuary, starting from January 23.

How to Craft Tuning and Governing Stones in Diablo 4

Governing Stones can be thought of as behaviors or skills for the Seneschal Construct. You can use up to two Governing Stones in your construct. On the other hand, Tuning Stones serve as modifiers or customizations for each Governing Stone. You can modify each Governing Stone with up to three Tuning Stones, allowing for a total of six modifications.

To craft these stones, you must use Shattered Stone materials to make Stone Caches at any Jeweler in Sanctuary. When you bring these materials to a Jeweler, they will craft Magic Stones for you, but the specific type you get is not always under your control.

Each Governing and Tuning Stone has unique effects and limitations. For example, a Governing Stone might deploy a construct that explodes and deals damage, while a Tuning Stone might decrease the cooldown of a supported skill or add elemental damage.

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