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Diablo 4: Lunar Awakening Glyph XP Bonus Nightmare Sigils Will Work After Event Is Over


The Lunar Awakening event in Diablo 4 will take place from 4-20th February 2024 and the event features Lunar Shrines, rewards, cosmetics, and bonus Glyph XP Nightmare Sigils. Blizzard has confirmed that the Lunar Awakening Glyph XP Nightmare Sigils will work even after the event is over. Here is what you need to know.

Diablo 4 Lunar Awakening Nightmare Sigils Ancestor’s Favor Affix

During Lunar Awakening, Nightmare Sigils will have a chance to roll the Ancestor’s Favor affix which will offer 10% Bonus Glyph XP and extra Lunar Shrine spawns for that dungeon. This is a great way of leveling up your glyphs much faster.

If you have not leveled up your glyphs to the max then you should take advantage of this event and farm the Nightmare Sigils even if you do not run the Nightmare Dungeons. Cristabelle Ormiston, Senior Product Manager for Diablo 4 confirmed that players will be able to use the bonus Glyph XP Nightmare Sigils that they got during the Lunar Awakening even after the event is over.

The event will also feature event-themed shrines that come with buffs of their own such as bonus XP and attack speed. Apart from their existing buffs, the Lunar Shrines will feature the following additional buffs:

  • Artillery Shrine: Casts have a chance to summon a holy bomb.
  • Blast Wave Shrine: Each explosion summons a cluster bombardment.
  • Channeling Shrine: Increased attack speed and a chance to reset cooldowns.
  • Conduit Shrine: Summon frequent, powerful, shocking strikes.
  • Greed Shrine: Chance to summon a Treasure Goblin. (25 kills and 50 kills)
  • Lethal Shrine: Chance to instantly execute a struck monster, causing Fear on surrounding monsters (excluding boss and players).
  • Protection Shrine: You reflect all incoming damage. (Scales with Level and World Tier)

During the event, players will be able to unlock six different lunar-themed cosmetics which range from weapon skins to mounts and trophies. The in-game store will also feature additional cosmetics that you can buy with real money.

Let us know what you think about the Diablo 4 Ancestor’s Favor affix Nightmare Dungeon Sigils that offer bonus Glyph XP and whether or not you are interested in checking out the event when it goes live on February 6th. For more Diablo 4 content, check out our Diablo 4 guides hub.

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