Season 1 of Diablo 4 is available now, and you will need to level up the battle pass in order to get rewards and make the most of it. How you can do that can be a bit confusing since this is a new system in the franchise that was not included in the previous games. Right now, there are 27 free tiers and 63 premium tiers, so even if you did not buy the battle pass, you can still progress via the free route. In this Diablo 4 guide, we go over how you can level up the battle pass fast in season 1.


How To Level Up The Battle Pass Fast In Season Of The Malignant (1)

The following are the ways in which you can progress the battle pass fast in the season of the Malignant in Diablo 4.

Complete Seasonal Journey Quests To Earn Favors

Diablo 4 Battle Pass Complete Seasonal Journey Quests To Earn Favors

The fastest way of leveling up the battle pass in the season of Malignant in Diablo 4 is by finishing quests or side missions that are part of chapters. You will need to start the game with a new character to access the Seasonal Realm, but luckily, the game does give you the option to skip the campaign. As you complete challenges that are part of the seasonal journey, you will be rewarded with favor. These challenges can vary from completing dungeons to unlocking and interacting with waypoints.

Complete Malignant Tunnels

Once you have completed the seasonal storyline, you will gain access to the Malignant Tunnels. These are special dungeons that feature Malignant Hearts. You can slot these into your gear pieces to gain buffs. You will encounter Party Corrupted Malignant enemies in these tunnels, which are tied to the seasonal pass. So not only do you earn extra loot but favor as well.


Unlock Season Blessings For Faster Progression

Diablo 4 Battle Pass Unlock Season Blessings For Faster Progression

You will need to get your character to specific levels in order to progress the battle pass. The season blessings allow you to level up quickly via XP buffs. You will need Smoldering Ashes to open Urns that give you passive bonuses such as increased materials from salvage and elixir durations. The Urn of Aggression is the most important since it gives you a boost to XP earned for killing enemies. You will need four Smoldering Ashes to unlock the Urn of Aggression, and it can be upgraded more than once.

Smoldering Ashes are available for free and you do not need to buy the premium battle pass to access them.

Purchase Tier Skips With Platinum

Platinum is the premium currency in Diablo 4 that you need to purchase using real money. You can earn some as part of the premium battle pass as well. You can use Platinum to buy tier skips that cost 200 Platinum each. Since the first 27 tiers of the battle pass are free, we recommend spending Platinum only after you have completed them if you wish to spend money on the game.

This is how you can level up the battle pass fast in Diablo 4 Season of the Malignant or Season 1. To learn more, check out our guide on how you can open silent chests. You can also check out our guide on which world tier you should pick.



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