Emerging publisher Yooreka Studio, renowned for releasing Streets of Rage 4 and Neon Abyss in China, and one-person developer Tholus Studio, launched on Steam Early Access Reshaping Mars. The colony simulation game lets players build and maintain a massive civilization on a completely uninhabited planet – all to advance humanity into spacefaring settlers. Reshaping Mars is available now for Steam at $9.99 and is 15 percent off at launch.

Reshaping Mars is an easy-to-play simulation where players must utilize resources to create a functioning extraterrestrial society. This includes managing heaps of resources and buildings to power the society with electricity, food, building materials, and more.

Everything from establishing hydroponic farms to vetting batches of immigrants comes along with operating a planet, but it’s presented in a manageable way that almost anyone can pick up a play. Adding to the realism, Reshaping Mars’ landscapes are made from real-life Martian geological features and sited in their correct approximate locations.

Reshaping Mars goes deep with fleshed-out tech trees and environmental effects such as low air pressure, strong ambient radiation, and sandstorms that can affect a colony. Keeping the population happy is paramount and must be done through building leisure facilities, proper housing, and establishing solid welfare policies.

There also is a slew of random events to encounter and unravel, alongside a robust real-time strategy element that factors during combat scenarios, and multi-factional diplomacy that allows for strong alliance-building, fair trade policies – and the ability to start an all-out war.

Other factions are populating Mars, too, and interactions between the player and competitive colonies will evolve as the game progresses. Players can meet representatives of other factions, forge strong alliances, conduct fair trade, or light the beacons of war.

Head of Publishing at Yooreka Studio, ElevenXiao had the following to say regarding the matter:

Yooreka Studio is continuing its emergence in 2021 with another excellent game that shows how diverse our lineup is. Reshaping Mars is a true deep dive into the colony simulator genre and will give players a practically endlessly complex experience.

Let us know what you think about Reshaping Mars and whether or not you are interested in checking out the game.

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