Destiny 2 Wish Ender Exotic Bow Quest Guide – How to Charge Tokens, Cursebreaker Seal

Destiny 2 Wish Ender Exotic Bow Guide

The Wish Ender in Destiny 2 has quite a few perks such as the fact that it can penetrate through numeral enemies and it can also destroy Taken Crystals that you need to earn the Cursebreaker Seal. You can even view through the walls when you draw an arrow using the bow.

Destiny 2 Wish Ender Exotic Bow

In order to unlock the quest for the Exotic Bow, you have to complete The Shattered Throne dungeon, which can be accessed from the Dreaming City.

Do note that the dungeon is a 3-man 570 to 590 Power Level area. Although you will not find it as difficult as the Last Wish raid, it will not be easy either. Therefore, I advise that you jump into a Fireteam while you are equipped with the best gear that you possess.

“Prove your Worth” Quest

Once you are done with The Shattered Throne dungeon, go to The Tangled Shore and then through the Four-Horn Gulch. Using your Ghost, you will see a “Forsaken” quest icon which will have certain question marks with it.

You’ll also see the “Prove your Worth” prompt. This will result in a mission in which you have to follow markers and kill enemies while you are doing this.

Takedown the three enemies that you face in the final room. These won’t be as powerful as the ones you faced in the dungeon. Killing them will spawn three tokens, namely:

  1. Dreaming Token of Eriviks
  2. Dreaming Token of Querim
  3. Dreaming Token of Xavoth

Charging Your Tokens

To do this step, you need to go back and enter the Shattered Throne dungeon again. Go on till you get to the Labyrinth, from where you will need to go left and continue on this pathway till you are outside. Climb onto the rocks and then atop the statue, from here you can jump onto the tower.

You will see an orb behind the tower, pick this orb up and jump back onto the statue head and over the adjacent roof. You will notice some statues with orbs in their hands, head over to the one with no orb and interact with this statue.

Theratos, who’s a boss will spawn immediately after you place this orb. Once you kill him, another boss will follow after him, kill this one to charge one of your three tokens: the Waking Token of Querim.

Proceed to the next section which consists of Ogres and narrow beams. To avoid getting one-shot by the Ogres, kill them first and move across the first beam that you face, heading rightwards and to the back where you will find the orb behind a pillar.

Grab the orb and go back to the exit, going rightwards instead where you will find some orb-holding statues again, but do not worry since no bosses will spawn here.

Head through the black field where you get the “Slowed” debuff, head right after you reach the top of the stairs to find an orb. Stroll through this area while you make sure that you avoid the Taken Thrall.

Reach out of the field after you come down, head rightwards and you will reach another group of statues with which you can interact, though no boss would spawn here either.

Cross the chasm again, and instead of going rightwards to the Ogre boss, go straight ahead where you will find an open door. Here, a lot of adds and a boss will spawn. Kill this boss and the Eriviks token will be charged.

Now go back towards the Ogre boss. A Minotaur will spawn once the boss’s shield drops. Kill this Minotaur and you will see another orb.

Exit this place to the room right behind you, head right and along the wall until you reach a statue to interact with. More adds and a smaller Ogre without a shield will spawn here.

Killing this Ogre will charge the last of your tokens, Xavoth. Finish this fight and go back to the statue. You will see three orbs in the bowls. Go ahead and claim your well-deserved loot, the Wish-Ender.

Once you are done with this, you will unlock another Triumph, “Gimme that Bow”. This simply means what it says. At this point, you have proved your worth to Sjur Eldo, the Queen’s first Wrath, which is the perk that gives you Truesight – the ability to see through the walls.

Enjoy your bow amidst the fields of justice and what not! For more on Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, check out our Leviathan Breath Guide, Deathbringer Guide, and Shadowkeep Exotics Guide.