The reprised Wendigo GL3 is currently the weapon to chase in Destiny 2. Linears, which have been the DPS king for almost a year now, are set to receive a substantial nerf in Lightfall. Combine this with the fact that GLs are getting buffed propels them ahead of a lot of other options, especially when combined with Sniper Rifles such as Izanagi’s Burden, Cloudstrike, etc. Since there are a lot of amazing rolls on the weapon, it is paramount to find the perfect roll. In this Destiny 2 guide, we have detailed everything there is to know about perfect godrolls for Wendigo GL3 for PvE and PvP.

PvE Godroll

  • Quick Launch or Hard Launch.
  • Spike Grenades — it is non-changeable.
  • Autoloading Holster or Field Prep. are the BiS. Clown Cartridge is decent.
  • Explosive Light is the BiS. Cascade Point and Full Court are situational. Golden Tricon is a niche pick.
  • Handling, Velocity, Reload masterwork are all decent options.

If we were to recommend the absolute godroll to chase, it would be this one:

  • Quick Launch
  • Spike Grenades
  • Autoloading Holster
  • Explosive Light
  • Handling

The reason we recommend Handling as the masterwork option is because it will help when it comes to swapping between Izanagi/Cloudstrike and Wendigo GL3. If a boss is far away such as Warpriest, Sanctified Mind, Oryx, etc. Full Court will instantly become a viable option. As for Cascade Point, it does not provide any direct damage increase but it does increase its RoF. This can be very useful if a damage phase is around 10-15 seconds so that you are able to exhaust the entirety of your ammo in as little time as possible. On the other hand, if a DPS phase is 30-ish seconds long, Explosive Light will be king.

Since there are 2 perks in the 3rd column, there is a neat trick that you can do. If you have Clown Cartridge as one of the perks in the 3rd column, you can switch to it, reload to get 10-11 in the magazine, swap to the other perk i.e., Autoloading Holster, etc. before a DPS phase. For some reason, if you need it to clear adds, you can also go for Chain Reaction with Golden Tricone.

It is also recommended that you try and get Quick Launch and Spike Grenades as these are the BiS. As for masterwork, Handling is amazing but Velocity and Reload are decent as well.

PvP Godroll

If you are primarily a PvP player, you need to try and get this roll:

  • Volatile Launch
  • Proximity Grenades
  • Impulse Amlifier
  • Full Court
  • Blast Radius masterwork

These are some of the Wendigo GL3 godrolls that you need to chase in Destiny 2: Lightfall. Also, be sure to read our Lightfall Prep. Tips and a List of Everything Leaving Destiny 2 with the release of Lightfall.

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