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Destiny 2 Warlock Void 3.0 Build Guide – Unlimited Grenades (Season of Defiance)

You're an Orb-generating machine, Harry!


Void 3.0 for Warlocks is something that encapsulates the idea of being a powerful space-wizard. There is little to nothing that Voidlocks cannot do be it dish out damage, crowd-control, heal, provide weakening effects, and throw unlimited amount of grenades. It does not matter if you are playing low-tier content or attempting a solo Grandmaster, Void 3.0 for Warlocks can do it all. In this Destiny 2 guide, we have detailed the best Void 3.0 builds for Warlocks alongside recommended Aspects, Fragments, Exotics, Weapons, and Mods.

Destiny 2 Warlock Void 3.0 Build

While there are some things that can be interchanged, we cannot put enough emphasis on using Contraverse Hold. These are Exotic Gauntlets that lets you charge your Void Grenades for increased effectiveness. On top of that, it refunds around 70% of the Void Grenade, provided that it did some damage to enemies – and that is after a nerf. Combine that with the Ashes to Assets mod and you will almost instantly get the Super back as well!

Weapons Witherhoard, Funnelweb or Unforgiven with Demolitionist, Commemoration/Retrofit Escapade/Levaithan’s Breath
Exotic Contraverse Hold
Aspects Feed the Void, Child of the Old Gods
Fragments Echo of Undermining, Echo of Remnants, Echo of Persistence, Echo of Cessation
Armor Mods Void Siphon, Ashes of Assets, Firepower, Bolstering Detonation, Charged Up, Innervation, Void Weapon Surge, 2x Time Dilation, Bomber, Resist Mods
Additional Info. Vortex Grenades, Healing Rift, Vortex Nova Bomb, Burst Glide

As for stats, it is a good idea to have T10 Disciple/Resilience. But since not all of you can do triple-100 builds, T6-T7 Recovery should also do. Both the Str. and Mob. do not matter so do not care about them. There is no need to run Chaos Accelerant since you will be able to charge your Vortex Grenade with Contraverse Hold.

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The whole build revolves around creating a ridiculous number of Orbs of Power, thanks to your unlimited amount of Vortex Grenades and Void Weapons. On top of all that, if you can use a Void weapon with Demolitionist like Unforgiven from the Duality dungeon, you will have a very high uptime. And as long as you are getting kills, you are practically immortal, thanks to Devour. Aside from all this, the Orbs of Power you create will continue to feed your Nova Bomb which is not the best Super out there, but it is still very good!

One thing that you will need to practice is to throw down your Rift so that you can proc. Child of the Old Gods in order to debuff enemies if you do not want to run Weaken Grenades. In low-tier content, you can also use the Fragment that grants Volatile Rounds whenever you pick up an Orb of Power as it can be fun to play around with. You will also create Void Breaches for your teammates which you can pick up if you need Devour in a pinch.

As for your weapons, if you do not have a good Unforgiven, you can always use something like Wavesplitter which is a very good exotic weapon. Alternatively, things like Commemoration, Retrofit Escapade, Funnelweb, etc. are all very good. For your Heavy slot, you can use something like Leviathan’s Breath as it really shines against Champions and can dish out a ridiculous amount of damage versus bosses. The only thing that you will need is to someone put down a Well of Radiance with Lunafaction’s Boots.

Lastly, as you might have noticed, we did not use any of the Artifact Mods in the guide so that you are able to continue using the build in the later season even when some specific Artifact Mods will not be available.

This is all we have got in our Destiny 2 Warlock Void 3.0 Build guide. Feel free to check out our detailed Destiny 2 wiki page for more help on the game.

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