One of the Grandmaster Nightfalls in Season of the Seraph is Warden of Nothing on the Tangled Shore. It is the only Grandmaster NF that rewards the highly sought-after Wendigo GL3 (Adept) that is going to be a huge DPS weapon in Lightfall. To access the Warden of Nothing, you need to be at least Power Level 1580. Moreover, you will also need a pre-made fireteam of three since Grandmaster NFs do not support matchmaking. In this guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about completing Warden of Nothing Grandmaster NF in Destiny 2: Season of the Seraph in under 15 minutes.

Destiny 2 Warden of Nothing Grandmaster

Before we start, let us talk about things you will run into during the strike:

Champions Overload, Barrier, Unstoppable
Elemental Shields Arc, Void, Solar
Boss Melt Possible
Burn Arc

Unlike the Arms Dealer, you will have to deal with all three kinds of Champions in Warden of Nothing Grandmaster.

I would suggest two people running Arbalest since it can become a little hard for one person to break through the barriers. It is also possible to do it with just one if you are careful with ammo. You will also have to deal with all types of elemental shields so make sure to prepare accordingly. Coming to fireteam compositions, there are a few options at your disposal:

  • 3x bottom-tree Nightstalkers
  • 3x Well of Riddance Warlocks with Starfire Protocol
  • 2x Well of Riddance Warlocks with Starfire Protocol and 1x bottom-tree Nightstalker
  • 1x Thundercrash Titan, 1x Blade Barrage Hunter, 1x Well of Riddance Warlock

Coming to recommended weapons and mods, you can choose anything from the following:

Kinetic Weapons Arbalest, Night Watch, Osteo Striga
Energy Weapons Divinity, Any Pulse, Any Scout
Power Weapons Any Arc Rocket Launcher, Gjallarhorn, Any Linear Fusion Rifle
Weapon and Armor Mods Champion Mods, Resist Mods, Major Spec, Boss Spec, Lucent Finisher, Weakened Clear

Tips and Strategies

Similar to other GMs, you need to take things slowly and never rush things. If you see Vex and Cabal champions going at each other, let them damage each other and then kill one before focusing on the other one. It is a pretty straightforward NF but you will need to take your time in the large Vex Minotaur area and the one where you are required to defuse mines. In the area with the large Vex Minotaur and a Hydra, try to stay back and whittle away at enemies’ HP.

In the mines section, tether the enemies as soon as you get there and then rotate through Mine C toward Mine B and kill all the enemies from there.

In the boss room, defeat as many Champions from the elevator before dropping into the arena – at least the Overload and the Unstoppable. Once in the arena, get the remaining Champions, put down an Empowering Rift (do not use a Well of Riddance as it reduces DPS), become Radiant, and throw it all at the boss. The boss does not have a lot of HP and can be nuked instantly, especially if you have got a couple of Blade Barrage, Thundercrash, etc. on your team.

Also, try to do as many Finishers in the boss room before the fight as possible.

Wendigo GL3 Godroll

There are multiple things that you can look for on a Wendigo GL3. There are quite a lot of decent PvE rolls that you can go for. Some of these rolls that we recommend you look out for include the follownig:

Field Prep with Explosive Light
Autoloading Holster with Explosive Light
Autoloading Holster with Cascade Point
Impulse Amplifier with Full Court is a niche pick but can work in certain situations like Warprist.

Other than this, you need to have Spike Grenades and Handling masterwork if possible on all of your rolls.

Boss Cheese

Before we begin, please note that we do not recommend doing this at all since it is very simple to just melt the boss.

To cheese the boss in Warden of Nothing, one player will need to climb on top of the platform on the right side of where the boss spawns and continue to whittle away at its HP with Scouts, Grenades, etc. This is how it should look:

This is all we have got in our Destiny 2: Season of the Seraph Warden of Nothing Grandmaster NF Ordeal guide. For more help on the game, you can check out our Destiny 2 wiki guides.


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