The Solstice of Heroes event is back in Destiny 2 and you will need Silver Leaves to unlock high-stat armor pieces. You can earn Silver Leaves by completing different activities in the game, but there are methods of farming the resource more efficiently. In this Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes guide, we go over tips and tricks to farm Silver Leaves fast.


How To Farm Silver Leaves During Soltice Of Heroes 2023 In Destiny 2

The following are some useful tips that will help you farm Silver Leaves much faster in Destiny 2.

AcitivtyTypical Silver Leaves Drop Rate
Witch Queen Campaign Missions0
Altars Of Sorrows10+ (Final Boss)
Shattered Throne Final Boss1-2
Vanguard Strikes6-7

Do Not Play The Witch Queen Campaign

Completing missions of the Witch Queen campaign is not going to reward you with Silver Leaves. Bungie might have implemented this on purpose. We have already tried it and id does not work. Unless this is some kind of bug and is patched in a future update.

Complete Altars Of Sorrows

You will be required to do Altars of Sorrows as part of an event card challenge. So it is worth completing. Also, defeating the final boss rewards you with a lot of Silver Leaves. If you find a group that is close to the final boss then it is worth sticking around.


Get The Shattered Throne Final Boss Checkpoint

Farm Dul Incarnu, the final boss of the shattered throne dungeon. If a member of your firm has a final boss checkpoint then you can farm this encounter, which is fairly quick to clear. You typically get 1-2 Silver Leaves for each clear. Since this method is so quick, this is a great Silver Leaf farm.

Complete Vanguard Strikes

Completing Vanguard Strikes typically reward you with 6-7 Silver Leaves. These are however longer to complete compared to the final encounter of the shattered throne dungeon.

Just One Piece Of Solstice Armor

During our runs, we found out that having different amounts of Solstice armor pieces equipped does not make much of a difference. So we recommend having one on so that you have better stats. You might get one additional Silver Leaf when you have the whole Solstice armor on but the reduced stats do not make it worth it.

Convert Silver Leaves Into Silver Ash Destiny 2 Solstice of heroes 2023

How To Convert Silver Leaves Into Silver Ash Fast

Once you have the Silver Leaves, you need to convert them into Silver Ash by taking part in the Bonfire Bash activity. There are a couple of ways in which you can farm Silver Ash effectively during the activity.


Equip 4 Solstice Of Heroes Armor Pieces

Equipping 4 Solstice of Heroes armor pieces is going to boost your Silver Ash conversion. There is no difference between 4 and 5 pieces, so you can equip an exotic piece without sacrificing your Silver Ash farming efficiency.

Get 30 Ignitions ASAP

30 ignitions is the cap for the Bonfire Bash activity, once you hit that cap the timer will stop and the boss will appear. You can complete 30 ignitions fast to stop the timer, defeat the boss and get out of the activity. Allowing you to load back in and repeat the process much faster.

Check Your Event Card

While you are participating in the Bonfire Bash activity, you should check your event card to see the challenges that you can complete at the same time. Challenges include getting kills with Rocket Launchers and Shotungs, etc.

This is how you can farm Silver Leaves fast in Destiny 2 and convert them into Silver Ash. To learn more about the game check out our Destiny 2 guides hub.



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