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Destiny 2 Starcat Locations For Familiar Feline Triumph Week #1


This Destiny 2 season brings players back to the Dreaming City, where they must aid the Queen and tackle various challenges. One such intriguing aspect involves locating Starcats for the Familiar Felines triumph.

Starcats are cosmic felines scattered across the Dreaming City. Players must find and offer tributes to these mystical creatures as part of the Wishbearer seal and for specific rewards, such as the Wyrmguard Shell for your Ghost. Fourteen Starcats appear throughout the season, with a few added weekly.

Season of the Wish Week #1 Starcat Location Clues

Blind Well cat location clue in Destiny 2
Garden of Plenty Starcat location clue in Destiny 2.

Starcat Location #1 – Blind Well

In the Dreaming City, head to the Blind Well. Once there, go to the far side of the Blind Well, up the stairs at the back of the room where bosses are typically fought. The Starcat is located near a huge rounded door on the floor. Placing an offering here rewards you with 100 Riven’s Reputation EXP and a random Dreaming City weapon.

Starcat Location #2 – Garden of Plenty

Garden of Plenty Starcat location

For this Starcat, you need to play the Riven’s Lair seasonal activity. Start Riven’s Lair and step on the nearby plates to open one of three portals at random. You aim for the left-most portal to get the Garden of Plenty encounter.

Progress until you reach the Garden of Plenty, an outdoor area with trees and rocks. Move toward the raised dais at the far end where the Taken Ogre spawns. On the left side of this area, there’s a cliff that drops into the abyss. The Starcat is on a ledge just below your line of sight.

Check back next week on this page for more Starcat locations from Destiny 2 Season of the Wish.

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