Destiny 2 Small Rice Cake Guide: What To Do With Rice Cakes

Destiny 2 Small Rice Cake

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep expansion is out now and you might have come across a new item called Small Rice Cake. You must be wondering what you are supposed to do with this new item. In this Destiny 2 Small Rice Cake guide, we are going to walk you through what you are supposed to do with this new item in Shadowkeep.

What To Do With The Small Rice Cake In Destiny 2

There are small evil looking jade rabbit statues all over the moon. If you are interested in learning more about these then you can check out our jade rabbit locations guide.  You can feed the Small Rice Cake to the jade rabbits that are scattered all over the moon.

The rabbits are similar to the cats in the Dreaming City. Give the cake to the rabbits and you will get rewards. You can get Phantasmal Fragments amongst other things. We are not sure what you get for feeding all the rabbits. You could get a triumph or a special emblem. The only difficulty is going to find these small rice cakes.

Destiny 2 Small Rice Cake

Chances are that you can only get a few every week. We will let you know more about them when we have more information. Shadowkeep is full of secrets for players to discover so it is a matter of time before someone figures this out.

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