This Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Lost Sectors Locations Guide will help you find all the Lost Sectors on D2’s newest destination, the moon. Lost Sectors in Destiny 2 always appear on the map but what makes them difficult to find are their secret entrances. To save you from a bit of head-scratching, our Moon Lost Sectors Locations Guide details the entrances of all new Lost Sectors added to Destiny 2 with the new Shadowkeep expansion.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Lost Sectors

If this is your first time playing D2, you can consider Lost Sectors as tiny dungeons with a lot of enemies and a boss at the end. Defeating the boss opens up a chest that contains some decent loot.

Clearing these Lost Sectors is completely optional but you’ll sometimes be required to complete them as a part of a quest step or while completing a Flashpoint. Moreover, every Moon Lost Sector has a specific Power Level requirement (they’re all under Power Level 900) that you must meet if you wish to breeze through them.

If you’re way under the recommended Power Level, enemies inside these Shadowkeep Lost Sectors will probably be immune to your damage. Therefore, try to reach 850-ish Power Level before attempting these.

1. K1 Communion Lost Sector
K1 Communion Lost Sector has a Power Level requirement of 860 and is on the immediate right of Anchor of Light on the map. Once you get to the Anchor of Light area, you’ll find a few buildings with blue flags on them. One of these buildings will lead to a basement where you’ll find this Lost Sector.

2. K1 Logistics Lost Sector
K1 Logistics Lost Sector on the moon has a Power Level requirement of 870. This one is directly above the Archer’s Line area on the map. To find the Lost Sector, you need to head inside the large building on the Archer’s Line and head left. A little ahead, drop down into the shaft that says “07” to find the Lost Sector.

3. K1 Communion Crew Quarters Lost Sector
The K1 Communion Crew Quarters Lost Sector in D2 Shadowkeep has a Power Level requirement of 880. This one is on the immediate-left of Anchor of Light area on the map. You need to head inside the grey structure and drop down into a cave-like area. Continue straight and you’ll find the Lost Sector.

4. K1 Revelation Lost Sector
The K1 Revelation Lost Sector in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep is in the Sorrow’s Harbor area and has a Power Level requirement of 890. After you get to the area shown on the map, you should find yourself on a rocky area. You need to head to the east side of these rocks to find a hidden cave entrance that will lead you to the final Lost Sector on Destiny 2 Moon.

These are the locations of all the Lost Sectors in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep moon destination. For more help on Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, check out our Power Leveling Guide, Banshee 44 Exotic Quest Guide, and Armor 2.0 Guide.