Best Destiny 2 Shadebinder Stasis Warlock Build For Beyond Light

Destiny 2 Stasis Warlock Build

Destiny 2 Beyond Light expansion adds stasis into the mix. The stasis subclass for Warlock is called Shadebinder. In this Destiny 2 Beyond Light guide, we are going to go over the best Warlock build for the stasis subclass Shadebinder that you should use.

Best Shadebinder Stasis Build For Warlock In Destiny 2 Beyond Light

In order to get the new Shadebinder subclass in the game, you need to complete the Destiny 2 Beyond Light campaign. This applies to all the classes, Warlock, Titan and Hunter. Once you have unlocked the Stasis subclass you can make the necessary modifications and make the best build. The following is what we recommend:

Grenade: Glacier Grenade

This is the default grenade that you get after you complete the Destiny 2 Beyond Light campaign.

Aspect: Iceflare Bolts

To get this aspect, you will need to complete the Born in Darkness questline which you get after completing the main campaign. You then have to complete the quest Aspect of Control. You then need to complete the Exotic quest The Stasis Prototype.


After you have done the Aspect of Control quest, head over to the Exo Stranger to get two of the three Fragment quests. Complete them to get a memory fragment that you can bring back to the Exo Stranger to unlock the Fragments that you want.

  • Whisper of Hedrons: Gain bonus weapon damage after freezing an enemy.
  • Whisper of Shards: Shattering a Stasis crystal boosts your grenade recharge rate, you can also shatter additional crystals to increase the duration of the effect.

Exotic Weapon: Traveler’s Chosen

You can get this from the Exodus Evacuation questline from Season of Arrivals. As it is no longer available it will be added to the Exotic Archive in the future.

Energy Weapon: Martyr’s Retribution

This is the season of dawn grenade launcher that was also available in the season of arrivals. If you do not have it then Truthteller or any other grenade launcher will also do the job.

Heavy Weapon: Fallen Guillotine

This is the sword that you can get from the season pass of the previous season or umbral engrams. If you do not have it then you can use any good sword. They are all pretty strong.

Exotic Armor: Verity’s Brow

This happens to be a random drop but you can farm it from Legendary Lost Sectors.


If you do not have these mods then you can get them from the Gunsmith. He has a rotating mod each day so be sure to check with him daily to see which mod he has to offer that day. The following are the mods that we recommend for this Destiny 2 Stasis Warlock build:

  • Blast Radius: Become Charged with Light by rapidly defeating multiple combatants with Grenade Launchers and Rocket Launchers.
  • Heavy-Handed: While Charged with Light, regain half of your melee energy when you use a charged melee ability, consuming one stack of Charged with Light.
  • Wrath of Rasputin: Solar splash damage final blows have a chance to create Warmind Cells.
  • Global Reach: Warmind Cells you create affect and damage targets at a greater distance.
  • Lucent Blade: While Charged with Light, dealing damage with a Sword gives you bonus Sword damage for 5 seconds, consuming one stack of Charged with Light.

This is the Destiny 2 Stasis Warlock build that we can recommend. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our Destiny 2 guides hub.

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