Since the Season of Chosen, Bungie decided to remove Weekly Bounties and replaced them with Weekly Seasonal Challenges. However, unlike Weekly Bounties, these Seasonal Challenges aren’t on a weekly lockout and can be completed anytime during the season. With the release of Season of the Splicer, there are new Seasonal Challenges to complete. In this guide, we have shared all there is to know about all the Week 8 Challenges in Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer with some tips to complete them.

Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer Week 8 Challenges

When completed, these challenges reward some Bright Dust and XP. As mentioned earlier, these Seasonal Challenges can be completed at any time during the season.

Challenges for Week 8 are not bad, especially for players who are decent at PvP and can plogh through Gambit without losing their sanity. Below, we have provided a complete list of all the Week 8 Challenges in Season of the Splicer alongside some tips and tricks to complete them:

Seasonal Challenges Requirements Tips to Complete
Before the Dawn Speak to the Splicer Servitor and complete Path of the Splicer VIII, and open Corrupted Chests in Expunge. This one is simple to complete. Just do the weekly questline and open a few Corrupted Chests in at the end of Expunge. For people having difficulty in finding the Corrupted Keycodes, we have made a brief guide to help out.
Speedhack Complete the Override mission in 15 minutes or less. To complete this challenge, the Override mission must be completed in under 15 minutes. It should come in naturally as 15 minutes is a lot of time for an Override.
Crack and Decrypt III Unlock Conflux Chests by completing Override missions. Decrypt Season of the Splicer Engrams at the Prismatic Recaster. Play a lot of Override. Nothing much else about it.
Vexterminator Defeat Powerful Vex anywhere in the system. Earn bonus progress for defeating them in Override or Expunge. Override is brimmed with Vex to defeat. If that is not enough, the Lost Sector near the Artifact’s Edge landing zone on Nessus has around 5 powerful Vex at the end.
Primeval Patina Acquire the Primeval Patina ornament for Null Composure. Equip the best Fusion Rifle i.e., Telesto and sit through a lot of Gambit.
Trial by Firing Squad Win multiple rounds in the Trials of Osiris. This is probably the hardest challenge when for players who are purely PvE-focused. Do note that Chaos Reach with Geomag Stabilizers, 120s, and DMT are totally broken right now. Trials of Osiris go live on Friday reset and remain till Tuesday.
Vanguard Vestments Acquire the Vanguard Vestments ornament for Null Composure. Another PvP-focused challenge. Once again, Telesto, Jotunn, etc. work great for completing this challenge. Similar to the ToO challenge, it all depends on PvP skills.

This is all we have got in how to complete Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer Week 8 Challenges guide. Feel free to check out our detailed Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer wiki guides for more help on the game.

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