Destiny 2: Season of the Seraph brings new Seasonal Challenges for you to complete. These are excellent sources of XP to prepare you for end-game content i.e., Grandmasters, a new dungeon, etc. In addition to XP, these Seasonal Challenges also reward Bright Dust, Seasonal Currency, god-rolled items, and more. In this Destiny 2 guide, we’ve detailed all the Seasonal Challenges for Week 1 of Season of the Seraph.

Seasonal Challenges for Week 1 are fairly simple. You’re needed to play the new Seasonal Activity i.e., Heist Battlegrounds, do some Playlist Activities, and calibrate weapons on the Moon. Below, we’ve detailed all the Week 1 Seasonal Challenges, their requirements, and some tips:

Seasonal Challenge Requirement Tips to Complete
More than a Weapon I You need to complete the weekly mission titled More than a Weapon. This one is self-explanatory. Follow the instructions and complete the Week 1 of the questline to complete it.
Heist Battlegrounds I You need to open 5x Seraph Chests and defeat 50x Powerful Hive combatants in the Heist Battlegrounds playlist or Legend Heist Battlegrounds. You need to do 5x runs of the Heist Battlegrounds. That’s pretty much all!
Frozen Lightning Defeat combatants in Heist Battlegrounds with Stasis or Arc. HOIL Titans with Storm Grenades, Hunters with Lair’s Handshake, and Warlocks rocking Ager’s Scepter can do it fairly quickly.
Moon Activities You need to complete Bounties, Lost Sectors, Public Events, and Patrols on the Moon. Pick up a few Bounties from Eris, enter your favorite Lost Sector on the Moon, and slay. This one isn’t hard!
Long-range Calibration Defeat combatants on the Moon with Pulse Rifles, Trace Rifles, or Bows. You also get bonus progress in Lost Sectors. Try to do this alongside Moon Activities and Precision Loadout to complete multiple challenges simultaneously.
Dredgin’ Up Victory Complete multiple Gambit matches. You’ll get bonus progress for wins. If you’re a solo player, Freelance Gambit is truly a lifesaver. Put some music on, kill things, and remember you don’t always need to deposit 15 motes.
Spark Defender Score points in Rift while earning bonus points for igniting the Rift. Just play a lot of PvP. There isn’t much to say here. The time needed to do this depends on your skill-level more than anything else.
Hive Slayer You need to defeat Hive combatants in Vanguard Playlists or strikes. Defeat tougher combatants to get additional progress. I believe the Heist Battlegrounds playlist also works for this. If it doesn’t, you can repeatedly farm The Disgraced to get it done quickly.
Precision Loadout Defeat targets with Bows or LFRs — Guardians grant bonus progress. Also, defeat combatants in Heist Battlegrounds with precision final blows. Wishender paired with your favorite LFR is good for this.
Taking All Challenges Complete 3x weekly Playlist Challenges. You can do 3x Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit to complete this one in like 30 minutes and earn a few +1 Pinnacles during the process.

These are all the Seasonal Challenges for Week 1 of Destiny 2: Season of the Seraph. You can also see our detailed Destiny 2 wiki page for more tips and strategies.

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