Destiny 2: Season of the Seraph brings very powerful Artifact mods to the game. You’ll find old fan-favorites, overhauled ones, and even some that solo players will appreciate. To unlock the Seraph Cipher (Seasonal Artifact) you’ll need to complete the introductory questline and return to H.E.L.M. to speak to Exo Frame there. In this Destiny 2: Season of the Seraph guide, we’ve shared a complete list of all the Artifact mods that you can get.

First Column

Artifact Mod Effect
Unstoppable Hand Cannon You can aim a Hand Cannon to load an Unstoppable Round that stuns Unstoppable Champions.
Overload Scout Rifle Continuously shooting with a Scout Rifle stuns Overload Champions.
Anti-Barrier Bow Used to stun Barrier Champions.
Anti-Barrier Pulse Rifle You can rapidly fire it at the barrier of a Barrier Champion to stun it.
Overload Rounds Continuously fire an Auto Rifle or an SmG to stun Overload Champions.

Second Column
You need 2 Artifact mods unlocked to get access to these mods.

Artifact Mod Effect
Grenade Launcher Holster It reloads your Grenade Launcher while it isn’t equipped.
Legacy Ambush This mod increases the effectiveness of 2 latest Origin Traits i.e., Ambush and Bray Inheritance.
In-flight Compensator You can use this mod to increase the Airborne Effectiveness of all equipped guns.
Bow Dexterity This increases the ready speed of Bows.
mobile Retrofit This one adds +5 mobility.

Third Column
You need 5 Artifact mods unlocked to get access to these mods.

Artifact Mod Effect
Hand Cannon Targeting This increases the Target Acquisition of Hand Cannons.
Pulse Rifle Loader It maxes out the reload speed for Pulse Rifles.
Energy Diffusion Substrate You get a small amount of damage resistance from all elements. multiple copies of this mod can also stack for increased effect.
Sharp Shooting It increases the effectiveness of Veist Stinger and Tex Balanced.
Resilience Retrofit This one adds +5 Resilience.

Fourth Column
You need 9 Artifact mods unlocked to get access to these mods.

Artifact Mod Effect
Unstoppable Grenade Launcher You can fire a Grenade Launcher shot onto an Unstoppable Champion to stun it.
Counter Charge This lets you become Charged with Light whenever someone in the fireteam stuns a Champion.
Advanced Scout Your teammates deal increased damage to Champions that you stun.
Lord Kelvin’s Basilisk You can toss Grenades (Void/Stasis) to stun Overload Champions.
Low Entropy Superconductor melee hits using an Arc/Stasis subclass stun Unstoppable Champions.

Fifth Column
You need 14 Artifact mods unlocked to get access to these mods.

Artifact Mod Effect
Passive Aggressive Guard You receive less damage from combatants while having a Glaive equipped.
Weakened Clear Damage a Champion, boss, or break an elemental shield using a Grenade Launcher to weaken the target and reload all guns in the other slots.
monochromatic maestro You can deal damage using an ability to increase the damage of a gun of the same element. Also, damaging a combatant using a gun increases the ability damage of the subclass.
Solo Operative If you’re the only member of a fireteam, you deal +15% extra damage to combatants.
Lucent Finisher Finishing a Lucent Hive or a Champion generates Heavy Ammo for everyone in the team. It also stacks with Sect of Insight.

Best Artifact mods

If you don’t have time to grind out all the Artifact mods in Season of the Seraph, this list should help you choose the very best ones available:

  • Lucent Finisher
  • Weakened Clear
  • Solo Operative / monochromatic maestro if you’re a solo player
  • Energy Diffusion Substrate
  • All Anti-Champion Mods

These are all the Artifact mods in Destiny 2: Season of the Seraph. For more tips and strategies, you can see our detailed Destiny 2 wiki page.

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