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Destiny 2: Season of the Lost The Hollowed Lair Grandmaster Tips for An Easy Completion


The Hollowed Lair is one of the toughest Grandmaster NFs in the game. Not only Scorn are generally harder to deal with, but the modifiers in this Nightfall are also pretty bad. In this guide, we have shared some tips that will help complete the Hollowed Lair on Grandmaster in Destiny 2: Season of the Lost to gild the Conqueror title.

Destiny 2: Season of the Lost Hollowed Lair Grandmaster Tips

Before getting to the actual tips, let us talk about modifiers that are in the NF:

Champions Unstoppable, Overload
Festering Rupture When defeated, Scorn Stalkers spawn mini-Screebs.
The Fanatic Zeal Incoming Stasis and Splash damage increased.
Contest Mode Being over 1345 provides no additional benefits.
Joining-in-Progress Disabled.
Match Game Enemy shields take more damage from a matching element.
Chaff Radar is disabled.
Extinguish If the fireteam falls in a Restricted Zone, everyone is returned to the Orbit.

When it comes to team composition, we recommend the following:

  • 2x Shadebinders with Bleak Watcher and Eye of Another World
  • 1x Nightstalker with Omnioculus

As for the mods, it is a good idea to run Sniper Resist, Concussive Dampner, Protective Light, Taking Charge, etc. The following are some tips that will help manage this Grandmaster NF more effectively:

  1. It can be pretty hard to locate mini-Screebs. Weapons like Witherhoard, Telesto, etc. can spawn-kill them.
  2. Snipers in this Grandmaster NF need to be the top priority. If left unchecked, these will one-shot even with Sniper Resist, Void Resist, and Tier-6 Resilience. It is a good idea to learn about where they appear and eliminate them.
  3. In the room with the tank, try to stand on the plate but jump off before it hits the ground. If done correctly, the tank will not spawn but the enemies will. This will allow the team to easily clear all the enemies in the room without worrying about the tank hurling missiles all over the area. Once the room is clear, jump on the plate once more to spawn the tank.
  4. When it comes to dealing with the tank, a much better way is to destroy two weakspots (legs) at the same time. Assign a leg to one player and the other leg to the remaining two. Weapons like 1K Voices, Telesto, etc. work really well for this. If done correctly, the tank will be left with a single HP bar without spawning in any adds. After that, simply burst the tank.
  5. In the room with Abomination, remain in the back. Assign one player to stand on one of the two plates and immediately get off once the adds spawn. Never stand on both the plates at the same time – the room will instantly get overrun, making it exponentially harder to manage adds.
  6. Abomination has more HP than the boss itself. Keep things slow and keep at whittling away at its HP. It will take a long time but it hardly matters.
  7. At the bridge area with two Unstoppable Champions, once again, deal with snipers at the platforms at the backend. Other than that, there is not much to think about.
  8. Remember that the boss does not have a lot of HP – it is a good idea to use Primaries instead of Specials, Power Weapons, etc. Other than that, the entire boss fight is all about controlling adds and nothing else.
  9. The 1st wave of adds spawn on the right side, the 2nd wave appears on the left side, and the 3rd one in the middle one. This happens in all three phases. Never damage the boss once a wave has spawned. This will cause the room to get overrun very quickly. As mentioned before, it is a good idea to use Primaries in order to damage the boss.
  10. A really good weapon to instantly break tether is Arbelest.
  11. During the boss’ tether animation, continue to move backward to give yourself more time to break it. Things like casting Super, finisher, etc. can prevent the boss from tethering – the timing, however, is pretty strict.
  12. Lastly, note that a Healing Rift with The Stag prevents one-shots from Void-fire but not from mini-Screebs, snipers, etc.

This is all we have got in how to complete The Hollowed Lair on Grandmaster in Destiny 2. For more help on the game, be sure to check out our detailed Destiny 2: Season of the Lost wiki page.

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