By now, it is no surprise that the fastest method of increasing the Season Pass rank is to complete the Seasonal Challenges. In addition to a lot of Challenger XP that these provide, there is also a chance at earning good loot, seasonal items, and Bright Dust. In this Destiny 2 guide, we have provided a complete list of all Week 2 Challenges for Season of the Haunted.

Destiny 2: Season of the Haunted Week 2 Challenges

For the current week, the Seasonal Challenges focus on Iron Banner, completing activities on the Moon, and spending a lot of time on the Derelict Leviathan for a bunch of things. Some of them do require quite a lot of grind but not a single one is too bad.

The following is a complete list of all the Seasonal Challenges for Week 2 of Season of the Haunted:

Seasonal Challenge Requirement Tips to Complete
Sorrow Bound II Complete the Bound in Sorrow II and defeat 75 Cabal with precision shots. This one is simple. Just complete the questline for Week 2 and take headshots. Nothing much to do.
Leviathan Chests Open a total of 75 World Chests on the Derelict Leviathan. Please do note that these are World Chests and not the one that are opened using the Opulent Keys. Just use a Chest Indicator mod on the Ghost Shell and roam around the area.
Umbral Focusing I Focus three weapons and two armor pieces at the Crown of Sorrows. There is an entire six month long season to do so. There is no need to over-exert oneself over farming materials to get it done as early as possible.
Harvest at Dawn Combatants defeated with Scythe on the Derelict Leviathan. Also, defeat combatants with Solar-based Power Weapons in Sever activities. Scythe periodically appears during the Nightmare Containment. Try to grab one and slay a bunch of red-bar enemies until done. Since it has limited ammo, do not waste it on Elites. For the Sever activities, just use a Gjallarhorn.
Moon Activities On the Moon, earn progress by completing Bounties, Patrols, Public Events, and Lost Sectors. The fastest method of completing it is to purchase a bunch of Bounties, enter a Lost Sector, slay, and repeat. We also recommend completing it alongside Close-ranged Calibration.
Lost in the Legend Complete a Lost Sector on Legend or Master. Lost Sector on Legend rotate daily. It should not be tough to do at 1560 or higher. Just make sure to have appropriate Champion Mods, something to work on the Elemental Shields, and play slow if need be.
Close-ranged Calibration Sidearms, SMGs, SGs, Glaives, and Swords calibrated on the Moon. Earn bonus progress for rapidly defeating enemies. Try to complete it alongisde the Moon Activities one. Just grab Funnelweb and shoot a lot of stuff in a Lost Sector.
Bank, Kill, Repeat Earn points by banking Motes, defeating Blockers, and defeating Guardians in Gambit. Do not just focus on Invasions as depositing Motes is crucial as well. There is no quick method of getting it done. A few good invasions and can speed it up a lot.
Iron Sharpens Iron Iron Banner matches completed. Earn bonus progress for wins. Bungie has disabled Power Level advantage in Iron Banner. Therefore, feel free to use sunset items. We also recommend playing the Freelance Playlist since it is more bearable.
Anti-Cabal Sweep Cabal combatants defeated in Strikes and Vanguard Playlists. Earn bonus progress for defeating tougher combatants. Just keep on repeating The Arms Dealer. It should be done in 2-3 runs max.

This is all we have got in our Destiny 2: Season of the Haunted Week 2 Challenges guide. Feel free to check out our detailed Destiny 2 wiki page for more help on the game.

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