There are 3 new Ritual Weapons introduced with D2 Shadowkeep Season of Dawn. Komodo-4FR Crucible Ritual Weapon, Buzzard Vanguard Ritual Weapon, and Python Gambit Ritual Weapon. In our Season of Dawn Python Shotgun Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about how to unlock the Gambit Ritual Weapon, which can have some decent rolls.


Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Python Ritual Weapon

In order to get your hands on this Void-energy shotgun in Season of Dawn, you need to head over to the Tower and find Drifter in the Annex. He should be right in front of Ada-1. Once there, talk to him to acquire the “Get Closer” questline.

The “Get Closer” questline can be fairly easy or tedious depending on whether you like to use shotguns in Gambit or not. You need to fulfill the following conditions to unlock Python in D2:

  1. Get 500 Shotgun Final Blows (Defeating Opposing Guardians Grant More Progress)
  2. Get 150 Close-Range Shotgun Final Blows (Defeating Opposing Guardians Grant More Progress)
  3. Reach Infamy Rank “Heroic”

Tips to Unlock Python Shotgun

You can use many different decent shotguns to complete the objectives mentioned above. A few recommendations that I’ve include Threat Level from SotP raid, IKELOS Shotgun from Escalation Protocol, Perfect Paradox from Saint-14, etc.

In addition to this, I’d also suggest that you pick up as many bounties from Drifter as possible. What this will do is that it will increase your Infamy gains and you’ll be able to reach “Heroic” in no time. After you’ve completed all the objectives, return to Drifter to receive Python Ritual Shotgun as a reward.

Before we conclude the guide, let’s take a look at the rolls that Python can drop with:

Aggressive Frame Increased recoil and high damage. You gain increased rate of fire after a kill.
Smallbore Improved stability and range.
Extended Mag. Greatly increases magazine size but at the cost of reduced reload speed.
Feeding Frenzy or Overflow Feeding Frenzy rewards you with increased reload speed after a kill. Overflow, on the other hand, fills the weapon’s magazine beyond its normal capacity after picking up Special/Heavy ammo.
One-Two Punch or Shield Disorient One-Two Punch increases your melee damage after hitting every shot with your weapon. Shield Disorient lets you disorient nearby enemies after you break a combatant’s shield with the same element as your weapon.

This is all we’ve got in our Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Python Ritual Weapon Guide. For more help on Season of Dawn, be sure to check out our Komodo-4FR Ritual Weapon Guide and Buzzard Ritual Weapon Guide.