As the Season of Plunder approaches its end, there are a few more Seasonal Challenges for you to complete. We definitely recommend completing them to get some free Bright Dust, a lot of XP for activities like Master Raids, Grandmaster NFs, etc., and some godrolled items. In this Destiny 2 guide, we have shared some tips to help you complete all Week 8 Seasonal Challenges in the Season of Plunder.

Seasonal Challenges for the 8th week of the Season of Plunder are fairly simple to complete. If you have been actively playing the Season of Plunder, a few of them should already be completed retroactively. Below, we have provided some tips and tricks to help you complete these in the most efficient ways:

Antiquarian VIII
You need to complete the Weekly Questline for the 8th Relic. In addition to this, you will also need to defeat Champions throughout the Solar system — defeating them in Expedition or Ketchcrash provides bonus progress. While it is recommend to do this in Ketchcrash, you can also do it in a Lost Sector (Legend/Master) without any problems.

Sextant Navigation II
This is a long one since you are required to collect 160x Map Fragments and 1,600x Treasure Coordinates. There is no quick way of doing it. You will need to play a lot of Ketchcrash for Map Fragments and Ritual Activities for Treasure Coordinates.

This challenge requires you to defeat Champions/Bosses in Ketchcrash. This one is not tough at all! You just need to play a lot of Ketchcrash.

You need to reach 1580 Power Level without Artifact Bonus to complete this challenge. In earlier seasons, you needed to have the all the items equipped to have the challenge completed. As for Pinnacle sources, there are quite a lot of them such as Playlist Activities, King’s Fall, Duality, Master Ketchcrash, etc.

Hold the Trigger
This one requires you to rapidly defeat enemies with Sidearms, Scout Rifles, and Machine Guns. If you enjoy Crucible, you can get additional progress for defeating Guardians. Otherwise, go with your favorite weapon, head inside a Lost Sector, and slay.

Intended Mischief
You need to reset your Gambit rank twice in order to unlock the ornament for Cry Mutiny. For people who do not enjoy the game mode, you can wait for Double Infamy to go live to make it go by quickly. Also, while you are working toward it, make sure to complete all the Daily Bounties — on all 3 characters if you can.

This is all we have got in our Destiny 2: Season of Plunder Week 8 Challenges guide. You can check out our detailed Destiny 2 wiki page for more help on the game.

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