Your pursuit to meet the man, the myth, and legend requires a bit of legwork. Meeting Saint-14 in D2’s Season of Dawn requires you to complete “An Impossible Task” questline from Osiris. The questline tasks you to find 15 Vex Transformers, defeat challenging Vex enemies, and collecting Radiolarian Fluid. In our Destiny 2 Vex Transformers Locations Guide, we’ve shared the locations of all 15 of these that you need to find on IO, Nessus, and Mercury.


Destiny 2 Vex Transformers Locations

To start “An Impossible Task”, you need to return to Osiris after completing the mission for Perfect Paradox. Once you’ve accepted the quest, you’ll be asked to locate 15 Vex Transformers on Mercury, IO, and Nessus.

Vex Transformers are easy distinguishable and can be found out in the open, inside Lost Sectors, etc. To ease the process, here are the locations of all of them:

Destiny 2 Nessus Vex Transformers Locations

There are 5 Vex Transformers that you can find on Nessus.

1. Chamber of Sky
You need to head to Exodus Black landing zone and jump on the mountain from where you can see the ship. From there, head to your right to find the Vex Transformer after a tunnel.

2. Glade of Echoes
After you arrive at the Glade of Echoes, you need to look for a large circular opening. Once there, you should find in near the broken structures.

3. Hallows
From the Hallows landing zone, head inside the cave and keep to your left to find it.

4. Artifact’s Edge
After landing on the Artifact’s Edge, you need to look to your left to find the next Vex Transformer.

5. The Tangle
After arriving at the Tangle, you need to travel toward the tree and search for the Vex Transformer in its roots.

Mercury Vex Transformers

There are 5 Vex Transformers that you can find on Mercury:

Vex Transformer #1
From where you land, don’t head toward Brother Vance and continue right while staying on the lighthouse to find it.

Vex Transformer #2
The second is the one directly below the text “Mercury”. Once you get to the Public Event area, head toward the waterfall to find it.

Vex Transformer #3
This one is directly above the lower Strike icon. Head to the circular building and zoom on it to find it.

Vex Transformer #4
This one is placed directly on top of a pyramid structure. Shoot it with a sniper to get it.

Vex Transformer #5
This one is on the right side of the previous one. It’s near a circular wall.

IO Vex Transformers

Similar to other locations, there are 5 Vex Transformers on IO as well:

1. The Rupture
For the first one, go toward the square rocks piled on one another. You should see a small hole in the area with the Vex Transformer.

2. The Rupture
From the first Vex Transformer, head to the left side and inside a cave. At the end of the cave, you should see the next one. There will be enemies in the area.

3. Spine Burrows
You need to land on the Lost Oasis and find it at the bottom of the tree.

4. Terrabase Charon
From the previous Vex Transformer, proceed toward the marker and you’ll find yourself at the entrance of a base. The collectible should be on your right side after entering the base.

5. Excavation Site II
You need to head toward the north of the area and enter a cave. You should find the final Vex Transformer at the end of the cave.

These are all 15 Vex Transformers that you need to find to complete “An Impossible Task”. For more on Season of Dawn, check out our Sundial Guide, Buzzard Guide, and Komodo-4FR Guide.