Saving Saint-14 during “An Impossible Task” in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn requires you to find Saint-14 Ghost. The location of Saint-14 Ghost, however, is fairly hard to find. In our Saint-14 Ghost Shell Location Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about finding the Ghost Shell of the greatest Titan to ever live.


Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Saint-14 Ghost

After accepting “An Impossible Task”, you’ll be asked to locate Saint-14 Ghost somewhere at the Pools of Luminance at the Cistern. Once there, you’ll need to open a gateway to the Vex network.

Reaching the gateway to the Vex network can actually be frustrating. This is where our guide comes in.

To start, you need to head over to Nessus from your “Director” menu and drop on the Cistern landing zone – below the Pools of Luminance. After arriving at the said landing zone, continue forward until you come across a waterfall.


As soon as you come across the said waterfall, turn right and head inside the tunnel. Once inside, continue through the Vex milk to arrive at the Pools of Luminance. Keep forward and you’ll come across a few enemies in the area – they’re fairly easy to deal with.

Eventually, you’ll reach an area with a Vex Construct and a Vex Gate. What you need to do is to interact with the Vex Construct to activate the Vex Gate and teleport through it. In the next area, you’ll come across a lot of dead Vex with one of them holding the Ghost Shell of Saint-14.

Simply grab the Ghost Shell and return to Osiris to complete this part of “An Impossible Task” questline. If you still don’t know where to find the tunnel I’m talking about, check out the screenshot below to get an idea of where to look:

Saint-14 Ghost


This is all we’ve got in our Season of Dawn Saint-14 Ghost Location Guide. For more on Season of Dawn, be sure to check out our The Dawning 2019 Recipes Guide, Sundial Guide, and Season of Dawn Builds Guide.