Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes (2020) Guide – How to Upgrade Armor, Requirements, Earn Armor Glows

Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals Solstice of Heroes Guide

Solstice of Heroes in Destiny 2 is a yearly free-for-all summer event that gives players a chance to participate in a new matchmade activity to earn random-rolled armor, universal ornaments, and glows. In this guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about how Solstice of Heroes works in Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals.

Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals Solstice of Heroes

To start the Solstice of Heroes in Season of Arrivals, speak with Eva Levante in the Tower and complete “The Solstice Begins” quest – it will also unlock the official Solstice of Heroes soundtrack for everyone which can be claimed from Bungie Rewards page.

The primary play space during the Solstice of Heroes is European Aerial Zone (EAZ). This is where players will grind out randomly-rolled armor, complete bounties, and upgrade their armor. What we mean by upgrading armor is you’ll start with Renewed Armor Set (blue) and will have to upgrade it to Majestic Armor Set (purple without glow) and finally turn it into Magnificent Armor Set (glows).

It’s important to note that each class in the game has different requirements for upgrading the Solstice Armor. Once fully upgraded, you’ll be able to buy Universal Ornaments from Tess Eververse for 500 Silver or 2,000 Bright Dust per character. These ornaments will make your character glow depending on the subclass you’re using – the more Super energy you’ve, the brighter will be the glow.

Completing the Magnificent Armor Set and buying a glow on any character will also unlock 2 triumphs for MMXX seal/title. The following are all the requirements for upgrading the Renewed Armor Set to Majestic Armor Set for each class. It should be noted that requirements for upgrading to Magnificent Armor Set is same for all the classes. With that said, let’s take a look at the requirements:



HelmetRuns through EAZ, land precision final blows, and defeat FallenElemental final blows, EAZ enemies defeated, Arc weapon final blows
GauntletsStrikes, collect Solar orbs in Gambit, open Solstice PackagesHeroic PEs, collect Arc orbs in Strikes, defeat Cabal using a matching subclass element
ChestDefeat enemies in EAZ, collect elemental orbs in EAZ, use a Solar subclass to defeat enemies in EAZGambit matches completed, collect elemental orbs, Void grenade kills
LegsNessus PEs, defeat enemies with Supers, defeat Guardians in Gambit/CrucibleDefeat enemies in Strikes with matching subclass, ability final blows, kill Guardians with Void weapons
Class ItemAdventures, collect Arc orbs, complete Crucible/Gambit matchesEDZ Patrols, collect elemental orbs in EAZ, defeat bosses




HelmetEAZ runs, land precision final blows, defeat HiveComplete Gambit matches, collect elemental orbs, defeat Guardians in Gambit/Crucible with an Arc weapon as a team
GauntletsDefeat EAZ enemies, Super final blows, defeat EAZ enemies with Arc subclassHeroic PEs, ability final blows, defeat bosses
ChestAdventures, collect Solar orbs in Strikes, defeat Guardians in Crucible/GambitDefeat enemies in Strikes matching the daily singe, defeat EAZ enemies, defeat Fallen using a matching subclass of the day
LegsNessus PEs, collect Void orbs in Gambit/Crucible, unlock Solstice PackagesDefeat enemies with elemental damage, collect Void orbs in Strikes, Solar melee attack final blows
Class ItemStrikes playlist, collect elemental orbs, complete Gambit/Crucible matchesIo Patrols, collect elemental orbs in EAZ, Solar weapon final blows




HelmetEAZ runs, land precision final blows, eliminate CabalDefeat enemies in Strikes, collect elemental orbs in EAZ, defeat bosses
GauntletsStrikes, collect elemental orbs, defeat GuardiansElemental final blows, collect elemental orbs, Solar weapon kills on Guardians
ChestAdventures, collect Arc orbs in Crucible/Gambit, unlock Solstice PackagesGambit matches, ability kills, Void weapon kills
LegsEnemies defeated, collect Solar orbs in Strikes, defeat EAZ enemies with Void subclassHeroic PEs, collect Solar orbs in Strikes, eliminate Hive
Class ItemPEs, Super kills, complete Crucible/Gambit matchesPatrols on Titan, enemies defeated, Arc Super final blows


Once you’ve upgraded to Majestic Armor Set, you’ll need to complete the following requirements to upgrade to Magnificent – these remain the same for all classes:

  • Helmet: Complete a NF Ordeal on the Master difficulty
  • Arms: Complete a Nightmare Hunt
  • Chest: Complete Pit of Heresy dungeon
  • Boots: Win 7 Trials of Osiris matches – doesn’t need to be a Flawless card
  • Class Item: Defeat Tier V Altar of Sorrows boss three times

This is all we’ve got in our Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes guide in Season of Arrivals. For more help on the game, you can check out our detailed Destiny 2 wiki guides.