With the new Season of Dawn, comes a new Seal/Title to grind for. Titled “Savior”, the new Season of Dawn seal appears to be easier to grind for than “Undying” from the Season of Undying. You’ll just have to play a lot of Sundial, collect Ritual Weapons, and rank up Obelisks. In this guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about unlocking the “Savior” Seal/Title in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Season of Dawn.


Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Savior Title/Seal

Starting Dec. 10, 2019, you’ve around 13 weeks in total to get it done. To make it easier for you to track everything and not get confused, I’ve divided the triumphs/requirements based on activities that you need to complete. Let’s get into it:

Obelisks Triumphs

You’ll automatically complete these as you complete planetary bounties and/or rituals.

EDZ Resonance
You need to increase the Resonance Rank of EDZ Obelisk. Triumph has 4 segments. One segment unlocks at 10.

Tangled Shore Resonance
For this, you need to increase the Resonance Rank of the Tangled Shore Obelisk.

Mars Resonance
Increase the Resonance Rank of Mars Obelisk to unlock this one.

Nessus Resonance
Nessus Obelisk will also become available on Dec. 17th. Until then, you can work on Tangled Shore and Mars ones.

Global Resonance
To unlock this, you need to increase the Resonance Rank of any Obelisk to 40. It’s recommended that you stick to Mars for this. EP is a good way of farming Fractaline Harvest. Aside from it, the Lost Sectors are incredibly efficient to farm for bounties.

Link Repair
I don’t have much info. on this one but you need to repair each of the Fractured Links found on the Tower Obelisk.

Sundial Triumphs

As the name suggests, all these triumphs are earned in the new Sundial activity. Try to play every day and you’ll easily unlock almost all of them in no time.

Flayer Slayer
For this, you need to defeat all the rotating bosses in Sundial i.e. Niruul, Ozlect, and Tazaroc. Right now, only Niruul is available.

Legendary Psion
This one requires you to defeat Inotam on Legend or higher difficulty. You should definitely consider getting a team to get this done or at least LFG people who know what they’re doing.

Race through Time
There are chances that you’re already done with this. I don’t know about the exact time but it’s really easy to complete with a half-decent team. You shouldn’t have too many problems with this. Be sure to check out our Sundial Activity Guide to learn more about the encounters.

This one requires you not to die while playing Sundial. Just try to play smart, fall back if you’ve to, and generally play as safe as you possibly can to complete it.

Inotam’s Ruin
For this one, you need to defeat Inotam, Oblivion’s Triune in the Sundial – not much to discuss here.

In order to unlock this triumph, you need to complete the Empyrean Restoration effort and light the beacon.

Seasonal Badge Triumphs

(Season of Dawn)
This one is pretty straightforward! You need to acquire every piece of gear, weapon, cosmetic that Season of Dawn has to offer. This where the Savior Seal/Title in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn is earned!

Timeswept Shell
To acquire this, you need to complete the Global Resonance triumph. Check the instructions above for more info.

No Quarter
To get this emblem, you need to defeat 2,000 Guardians as a Fireteam, reach “Heroic” Valor rank, and rapidly defeat Guardians a total of 5 times.

Team Player
To get the Gambit emblem, you need to defeat 1,400 enemies, reach “Fabled” Infamy rank, and have a 150 streak of defeated enemies.

For the Vanguard emblem, you need to defeat 75 bosses in Nightfall or Playlist Strikes, earn 1,000,000 points in Nightfall or Playlist Strikes, and defeat 675 enemies with Solar damage.

Crucible Prestige
To unlock the Crucible shader, you need to defeat 900 Guardians as a fireteam, reach “Brave” Valor rank, and win 5 Crucible matches in any playlist.

Gambit Jadestone
For the Gambit shader, you need to defeat 600 enemies, reach “Heroic” Infamy rank, and bank a total of 600 motes.

Vanguard Nightbeam
For the Vanguard shader, you’re required to defeat 30 Nightfall or Playlist Strikes bosses, earn 400,000 points in Nightfall or Playlist Strikes, and defeat 450 enemies with Solar damage.

Unlocked by default for Season Pass owners. Free Pass owners need to level up the Season Pass to Level 35 to unlock it.

Devil Ruin
To learn more about acquiring the Devil’s Ruin quest, head over to the link.

The exotic quest is now available for all the players. Head over to the link for more info.

This is the Crucible Ritual Weapon. Head over to the linked guide for more info.

This is the Gambit Ritual Weapon. Head over to the linked guide for more info.

This is the Vanguard Ritual Weapon. Head over to the linked guide for more info.

Dawn Armor and Weapons
You need to collect a total of 6 weapons and the complete Righteous Armor Set. Weapons can easily be farmed in Sundial (rolls don’t matter) and the Righteous Armor Set is free for everyone who owns the Season Pass. If you don’t, head over to Sundial. These are the items that you need:

  1. Steelfeather Repeater
  2. Patron of Lost Causes
  3. Breachlight
  4. Martyr’s Rebribution
  5. Gallant Charge
  6. Line in the Sand
  7. Righteous Armor

Misc. Triumphs

Saintly Savior
For this, you need to save Saint-14 from the Infinite Forest. Pretty straightforward!

Exotic Quests

So far, we only know about 2 Exotic Quests that will become available next year.

Devil’s Ruin
Exotic Quest for the sidearm will become available on Jan. 07, 2020.

You’ll need to wait till Jan. 28th, 2020 to complete the Exotic Quest and acquire the weapon.

Once you’re done with all this, pat yourself on the back. You just earned the “Savior” title in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn. Dust off your Perfect Paradox, equip the Helm of Saint-14, and wear it with pride. You earned it, Guardian!