Synchronicity is a triumph which you can complete during the Nezarec encounter in the new Root of Nightmare raid. You need this triumph to unlock the Dream Warrior title. The triumph basically states that you need to activate every node in the area within five seconds of each other.

Destiny 2: Root of Nightmare Synchronicity Triumph

Before we begin, please note that the guide assumes that you understand how the encounter works normally. This means you understand connecting the nodes, destroying its weakspots, and avoiding the wipe mechanic. If you need help learning about these mechanics, you can refer to our Nezarec Encounter guide.

To unlock the triumph, you will need to activate both sets of nodes within five seconds of each other — for every activation. This means that the players responsible for activating the nodes will have to communicate with each other before shooting a node. But since this is the only thing that they need to do throughout the encounter, it should not be difficult. These two players can also use Swords with Eager Edge if they want and swap to something else before the DPS phase.

If these players are not quick enough, feel free to use the ‘Refuge’ mechanic to avoid wiping. The other four players simply need to stun Nezarec and clear enemies so that the runners have an easier time activating nodes. There is not much else since it is a fairly simple encounter all things considered.

One-phase Strat.

I will also recommend you to one-phase Nezarec if possible. This will significantly reduce your chances of failing the triumph since you will not have to repeat it across multiple phases. And while you can definitely use Warlocks with Starfire Protocol and Rocket Launchers — Demolitionist and Explosive Light or Lasting Impression — it has little to no room for error and you are forced to use Warlocks.

A better strat. is to have five players running Thunderlord’s and one Divinity. This will also let you use Supers such as T-crash, Needlestorm, Blade Barrage, etc. for final stand if you ever run out of ammo. If you plan on using this strat., remember that the cage from Divinity stays underneath the boss even when he leaps into the air.

Lastly, you will also need to ensure that the players running Thunderlord’s have the Exotic Catalyst equipped or it will not work.

This is all we have on completing the Synchronicity triumph in Root of Nightmare. If you have any other questions, you can let us know in the comments below!

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