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Destiny 2: How to Get Guaranteed Red-border Chest in Root of Nightmares Raid

Finding the Red-border Patterns has never been this simpler!


Similar to Vow of the Disciple and King’s Fall, there is a puzzle in the new Root of Nightmares raid that you can do to receive a guaranteed red-border chest after completing the last encounter. This time around, however, the whole process is far simpler since you do not have to remember a million different symbols. In this guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about spawning a guaranteed red-border weapon at the end of Destiny 2: Root of Nightmares raid.

Root of Nightmares Guaranteed Red-border Chest

Spawning the red-border chest requires you to do the same mechanic that you do throughout the raid i.e., connecting the Light or Dark orbs. After launching into the raid, keep on pushing forward until you come across a statue of Nezarec in the middle of an open area — this is way before the start of the first encounter. On the left-side of this statue, behind a structure, you will find three orbs. These will either be Dark or Light. These can be all Light, all Dark, two Light and one Dark, etc. You need to note the order of these orbs — from left to right.

You essentially need to enter three separate rooms throughout the raid and connect the orbs in there in the same order which we saw at the start of the raid. For instance, if you saw Dark, Dark, Light in the start, you will only connect the Dark orbs in the first two rooms and the Light orb in the last room. After successfully connecting an orb, you will receive a message in the feed which will say, ‘Your Roots Take Action’.

If you did not receive this message, it means you connected the wrong orb and must start over by returning to the Orbit. This is very annoying and wastes a lot of time which is why I recommend taking your time with it or letting someone who knows what they are doing handle the puzzle. After successfully connecting all three orbs, you will receive a message and must defeat Nezarec to claim your guaranteed Deep Sight weapon.

Before we start, please note that you can only loot this red-border chest once per account per week so there is no need to do the puzzle on every run unless someone else in the fireteam needs it. As for the secret rooms where you need to connect the orbs, their locations are provided below:

Red-border Room 1

The first room is right before you jump onto a large root that takes you to the first encounter. Instead of jumping onto the root on the left-side, you need to find a hidden doorway behind a large root on the right-side. This will lead you to a large staircase heading down. After you are down in the basement, connect the orb which you need, wait for the message to appear, and start the first encounter.

Red-border Room 2

The second room is before the third encounter, about halfway through the annoying jumping section. Before jumping up to the right-side where everyone needs to gather to open the door, jump to the building on the left-side for the second room. This is the room I expect a lot of people discovered on their own while they were trying to progress through the jumping section on day-1.

Red-border Room 3

The final room where you need to connect the orbs is just before Nezarec. Instead of heading upward to start the encounter, you will find a small structure you can jump on the lower-right side. While standing on this platform, jump into the hole in the ceiling to connect the orbs.

After you are done connecting all the required orbs, simply defeat Nezarec to claim your rewards. As a reminder, you can only collect it once per character per week.

This is how you can get the Red-border Chest in the new Root of Nightmares raid. If you need any further help, be sure to let us know in the comments below!

Arslan Tufail
Arslan Tufail
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