Did you complete a run of Psi Ops Moon on Master/Grandmaster in Destiny 2 only to get Gold rewards at the end? A lot of players are under the impression that the Strike is bugged because no matter what they do, they cannot seem to get the Platinum rewards. This is completely false. To get the Platinum rewards in Psi Ops Moon, you are required to do a few things which are very easy to miss, especially if you are playing with an LFG group.


In this Destiny 2 guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about getting the Platinum rewards in Psi Ops Moon on Master/Grandmaster.

Destiny 2 Psi Ops Moon Grandmaster Platinum

In the opening area, progress normally until you get to the first bridge with an archway underneath. You will find a Hive statue on the bridge. To get the Platinum rewards, you need to ensure that none of your teammates go past the statue on the bridge – image attached:

Destiny 2 Psi-Ops Moon Grandmaster


Updated on August 11, 2023
Bungie has recently released a patch that no longer requires you to stay behind the statue shared above. This was due to a bug that Bungie has now fixed. Killing the Unstoppable Champion first will no longer cause Anti-Barrier Champions and the Lucent Hive to despawn — not ruining your Platinum run at all!

Aside from this, the two Anti-Barrier Champions that appear right before the area with a lot of Wizards has been changed as well. Even when these two enemies were Anti-Barrier Champions, neither did they provided any Revive Tokens nor had any impact on the Platinum rewards. Therefore, you are free to run past them if you want. Lastly, do note that you are allowed to skip one Champion on the Grandmaster difficulty so be sure to keep this in mind whenever you are going for Plat. rewards.

Weapon Recommendations

There are some weapons that work better than the others. Some of these include:

  • Kinetic: Wishender, Blinding GL with Chill Clip, Arbalest, Navigator
  • Energy: Blinding GL, Any Arc Auto/Scout/Pulse, Forbearance, Divinity, any Trace Rifle
  • Power: Gjallarhorn, Hothead, Apex Predator, Any Linear Fusion Rifle

This is how you can easily get Platinum rewards in Psi Ops Moon Grandmaster in Destiny 2. If there is anything else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know in the comments below!



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