Bungie has at last rolled out the Master Mode of King’s Fall , and it is a little uninspiring to say the least. There is little to no reason to run it unless you are chasing the Kingslayer seal. It is a perfect example of how Bungie likes to create harder content i.e., enable matchgame, throw in a bunch of Champions, increase the Power Level requirement, and call it a day. For people who want to be done with it, in this guide, we have outlined all the changes that Bungie has made to the Master Mode of King’s Fall.


Destiny 2: Master King’s Fall Raid

Before we begin, let us see what changes Bungie has made to loot. Please do note that it is the same deal as it was in Vow of the Disciple. For people who need to refresher, the changes are detailed below:

A random Harrowed Weapon is rewarded for completing the Weekly Challenge on Master. There is a knockout system in place and you will have all the Harrowed Weapons after completing all the Weekly Challenges. There is a chance that you get a red-border Harrowed Weapon if you buy it after defeating Oryx in the Master Mode. And before anyone asks, no, you cannot craft Harrowed Weapons but these do grant Pattern Progress for the non-Harrowed.

All the non-challenge encounters done in Master will only reward stat-focused, high-stat armor pieces – this cannot be a Class Item. You should also note that stat-focus changes after a week. For example, one week it can be Resilience and the next week it can be Discipline.

Encounter Changes

Before we begin with encounter-specific changes, do note that there are modifiers such as Chaff, Champions: Mob, etc.

You also need to be as close to 1810 PL as possible to make it a breeze. It is completely doable around 1800 PL but requires a lot more effort. I also recommend 2-3 people to run Aeon Safe just because there are so many Champions in all the encounters. You will never be out of Power Ammo and will be able to spam things like Gjallarhorn, etc.


  • The one Minotaur that appears in the middle is an Overload.
  • Unstoppable Champions appear on both the side areas.

Basilica / Totems

  • Instead of 1, there are now 3 Unstoppable Champions that appear in the encounter – left, mid, right.
  • For people who do not know, Unstoppable Champions spawn after you have deposited 50x Deathsinger’s Power.
  • It is incredibly important to kill enemies quickly since it is very easy to get overrun — we cannot stress this enough.
  • You should also try to let the Unstoppable Champions to jump out before stunning them or they will bug out.
  • Weapons such as Gjallarhorn, Xenophage, Thunderlord, etc. are really good for it.


  • There are 3 Barrier Knights that you must defeat to begin the Glyph Sequence.
  • We cannot stress enough how important it is to have a few players on Aeon Safe, Cenotaph Mask, etc. since there are a lot of Champions and mini-bosses in the area.
  • Another thing that you should note is Barrier Champions are replaced by Overload Champions after you have pushed Warpriest to about 50% HP.


  • There are 2 Barrier Knights (1 on each side) that appear before you shoot down the 1st bubble to begin the DPS phase.
  • Again, it is important to have Aeon Safe or Cenotaph Mask to produce Power Ammo.
  • Enemies also tend to get stuck in the doorways which is we you should let them out instead of trying to spawn-trap them.

Daughters of Oryx

  • Knights on the plates are Barrier.
  • Since there are a lot of Arc shields, you should try to use things such as Forbearance, Riskrunner, Blinding GLs, etc. to deal with them effectively.
  • Whenever going for the Encounter Challenge on Master, it is incredibly helpful to have most if not all players on Aeon Safe.

Oryx, The Taken King

  • There are Overload Hobgoblins on the plates for all the instances including the Bomb Sequence in-between DPS phases.
  • We highly recommend having someone on Aeon Safe, Cenotaph Mask, etc. so that you are able to generate almost infinite Power Ammo for the team.
  • Since there is a little delay before the Final Stand happens, the team should gather any available ammo before starting the DPS.
  • This is important since the DPS check can be a little hard because of Power Cap.
  • Vessel of Oryx as well as Light-eater Knights have Arc shields.
  • Some of the Taken enemies have Void shields.

Other than that, there is not a whole lot that you need to know.

These are all the changes that Bungie has made to Master King’s Fall. You can check out our detailed Destiny 2 guides page to learn more about the game.